My thanks to John Clement who contacted me with these details taken from notes and diaries belonging to his late father, Nursing Orderly Disney Barcroft Clement, RAMC. He initially served as an orderly with 18th Light Field Ambulance, later transferring to 83 British General Hospital at the time of its formation in 1942. These notes add greatly to the basic information on the hospital's movements, and will surely be of interest to others with family connections to the unit.

UK - Hatfield House 28 May 1942 until 1st November 1942
(Assistant Director of Medical Services inspection of 83 General Hospital 1st Nov 1942)

Landed Algiers 9 November 1942
[John Clement expresses some doubt at the accuracy of this date, and feels it more likely that the arrival in Algiers was 22/23 November 1942]

Moved to first hospital at Sanatorium in Rivet (now called Meftah). Here until end of December.
1st January 1943 moved by rail to La Calle. Arrived 4th January 1943.
Hospital at La Calle until 27th April 1943
Le Krib
Pont du Fahs, Tunisia
June 1943, Robaa, Tunisia
Medjez el Bab, Tunisia
Le Kef (now called Al Kaf, Tunisia)
Bizerta, Tunisia
Early August 1943, La Sousse, Tunisia

27th August 1943, Landed at Port Augusta, Sicily
September 1943 Catania, Sicily

19th September Landed in Italy at Reggio Calabria
Early October moved by rail from Reggio to Barletta
November 1943 hospital set up in Edificio Scolastico, Barletta. Here until 25th January 1944.
26th January 1944 hospital set up at San Ferdinando di Puglia (11 miles from Barletta towards Foggia).
22st April 1944 8.15am hospital left San Ferdinando and moved to Larino where the hospital was set up in a building overlooking the valley, R.Ginnasio Francesco D’Ovidio.
20th August 1944 hospital left Larino by train.
21st August 1944 arrived at Barletta
23rd August left Barletta by boat and arrived at Ancona the following day.
Hospital set up at Osimo (about 15km south of Ancona). Hospital here until 25th September.
25th September left Ancona and arrived at Rimini early next day.
26th September 1944 Rimini (Riccione). Hospital here until 30th December 1944.
31st December arrived at Cesena. Hospital set up in damaged buildings “no lights or windows”.
Remained at Cesena until after VE day. Left on 17th May and moved via Venice to Udine.
21st may hospital arrived at Udine.
Hospital was still at Udine at time Disney Clement was demobilised 18th January 1946.