On the following pages are the names of women who served with the various units of the Scottish Women's Hospital during the Great War.  These transcriptions are taken from original lists held at the Imperial War Museum and were originally published in early 1920.  The information was supplied by the individual units, and has been combined here to form one list in alphabetical order of surnames. The units that made up the Scottish Women's Hospital were:

Abbaye de Royaumont
Ajaccio, Corsica
America Unit
Calais Contingent
Canteen units at Creil, Crepy-en-Valois and Favresse
Girton and Newnham Unit
London Units
Sallanches, Haute Savoie
Units in Serbia during the early days of the war, which are given in the lists as:

There is no history of the Scottish Women's Hospital on this site at present, and the lists have been produced entirely as an aid to identifying women who served during the Great War.  There is much information to be found on the internet and in books about the work of the SWH, but it is anticipated that some information will be added here in the future, including more transcriptions of original documents.

  • Most entries are followed by two dates, which are the first and last dates of service with a unit. Where there are two periods of service with an individual unit the second dates are given immediately following the first. Many dates show only month and year, and have been given a default date of the 1st of the relevant month.
  • Many women worked in more than one unit, in which case they have separate entries for each.
  • Spellings for the same woman are not always consistent in lists submitted by different units
  • Doubled-barrelled surnames are listed by the second part of the name, as in the original.
  • Extra information such as married name or date of death is as given in the original lists, and these details have not been confirmed or researched further.
  • Some of the copies that I've worked from are faded or suffer from old typewriters very much in need of a new ribbon and overhaul - I hope that any inaccuracy or omission is offset by the benefit of having this information online.

The names can be found on the following pages: