GALBREATH Miss Mary Whitelaw, Chauffeur America Unit 27-Feb-17 1-Sep-17
GAMWELL Miss J. Marion, Orderly Royaumont 1-Dec-14 1-Jun-15
GANNELL Miss Phoebe, Chauffeur London Unit 2-Mar-18 28-Jan-19 [ Surname could be Gamnell]
GARFORTH Mrs Clare Maud, Nurse Royaumont 25-May-15 30-Dec-15 (Formerly Miss  PIGNEY)
GARTLAN Miss Eveleen, Chauffeur London Unit 30-Aug-16 1-Mar-17
GENGE Miss Elizabeth Mai, Administrator London Unit 21-Apr-17 1-Oct-17
GERRARD Miss Jessie Margaret, Orderly Girton Newnham 27-Aug-18 4-Nov-19
GIBB Mr David, Chauffeur Calais Contingent 01-Dec-14 01-Mar-15
GIBBON Miss Mary, Nurse Mladanovatz 1-Mar-15 1-Nov-15
GIBSON Miss Jane, Orderly Kraguievatz 3-Jul-15 12-Feb-16
GILCHRIST Miss Emily Louise, Nurse London Unit 30-Aug-16 1-Aug-17
GILCHRIST Miss Mary Mitchell, Cook Royaumont 25-May-15 25-Nov-15 (Died either  December 1915 or 1918) [entry indistinct]
GILES Miss Ethel Audrey, Orderly Royaumont 17-Oct-16 1-Oct-17
GILL Miss Helga, Chauffeur-Orderly Royaumont 1-Dec-14 5-Mar-17
GILMOUR Miss Elizabeth, Nurse Valjevo 1-Apr-15 6-Oct-15
GILPIN Mrs Ruby Maud, Orderly Ajaccio, Corsica 18-Oct-18 31-Dec-18 (Formerly Miss ABBOTT)
GLOSSOP Miss Betty Mitford, Orderly Royaumont 28-Sep-17 6-Mar-19
GLUBB Miss Gwenda Mary, Chauffeur London Unit 30-Aug-16 1-Jan-17
GODBY Miss Marjorie Vivien, Orderly Girton Newnham 2-Nov-16 13-Nov-17
GODDARD Miss Annie Elizabeth, Nurse Royaumont 5-Sep-17 17-Apr-18
GODDARD Miss Dorothye Janet, Nurse Ajaccio, Corsica 19-Nov-18 02-Apr-19
GODDARD Miss Dorothye, Nurse America Unit 7-May-19 1-Sep-19
GODDERIS Miss Romanie, Maid Girton Newnham 3-May-15 1-Oct-15
GOLDSMITH Miss Alice Ida, Orderly Royaumont 11-Oct-17 1-Jul-18
GOODSALL Miss Flora Alice, Chauffeur London Unit 7-May-18 1-Mar-19
GOODWIN Miss Harriet E. F., Nurse Royaumont 1-Sep-17 1-Jan-19
GOODWIN Miss Harriet Elizabeth Frances, Nurse America Unit 28-Jan-19 1-Oct-19
GOODWIN Miss Winifred A., Nurse Valjevo 1-Apr-14 22-Sep-15
GORDON Miss Annie, Cook Royaumont 25-May-15 25-Nov-15
GORDON Miss Anne Macarthur, Sanitary Inspector Valjevo 1-Apr-15 12-Feb-16
GORDON Miss Annie Macarthur, Sanitary Inspector America Unit 4-Aug-16 16-Jun-17
GORDON Miss Isabella Warren, Orderly Girton Newnham 29-Oct-15 1-May-19
GORDON Dr Jean Paton, Doctor Girton Newnham 31-May-15 1-Oct-15
GORDON Dr Mary Louisa, Doctor America Unit 3-Aug-16 1-Dec-16
GORDON Miss Molly I., Nurse Valjevo 1-Jul-15 1-Nov-15
GORDON Miss Olive Mary, Nurse Valjevo 11-Sep-15 12-Feb-16
GORDON Miss Olive Mary, Nurse Ajaccio, Corsica 17-Jun-16 01-May-17
GOSS Miss Dorothy Muriel, Orderly Royaumont 15-Oct-18 28-Dec-18
GOW Miss Ella Cathro, Cook Ajaccio, Corsica 04-May-16 14-Jan-17
GRACE Miss Florence Elizabeth, Nurse Girton Newnham 29-Oct-15 1-Oct-16 and 18-Jun-18 12-Sep-19
GRAHAM Miss Margaret Elizabeth Linton, Chauffeur Royaumont 13-Feb-18 6-Nov-18
GRANDAGE Miss Katherine, Orderly Royaumont 26-Nov-15 31-May-17 and 3-Mar-18 20-Oct-18 with another six weeks later
GRANT Miss Agnes, Nurse Sallanches 15-Mar-18 21-Feb-19
GRANT Miss Jean Henderson, Orderly Royaumont 18-Oct-18 3-Jan-19
GRANT Mrs Jessie Napier, Doctor Royaumont 4-Jun-18 29-Sep-18 (Formerly Miss ROBERTSON)
GRANT Miss Lilias Mary, Orderly London Unit 30-Aug-16 1-Mar-17
GRANT Miss Margaret Mary, Nurse Royaumont 1-Nov-18 3-Jan-19
GRANT Miss Mary Florence, Orderly Royaumont 19-Nov-18 30-Dec-18
GRAY Miss Hilda Mulvany, Chauffeur and Orderly Girton Newnham 17-Sep-16 18-Jun-17
GRAY Miss Jeanie Cumming, Canteen Favresse 27-Nov-18 23-Dec-18
GRAY Miss Margaret Aitchison, Orderly Royaumont 1-Dec-14 1-Aug-17 and 13-Apr-18 28-Feb-19
GRAY Miss Mary S. B., Nurse Royaumont 1-Dec-14 28-Sep-15 and from 23-Jan-16 (Entry says 'Dec 14, home on holiday and returned 28 Sept. 1915. Died 23rd Jan. 1916')
GRAY Miss Norah Neilson, Orderly Royaumont 5-Apr-18 6-Oct-18
GREEN Miss Amy Elizabeth, Nurse Royaumont 3-May-18 1-Dec-18
GREEN Miss Constance Isobel, Chauffeur America Unit 4-Aug-16 1-Sep-17
GREEN Miss Ivy Sybil Spencer, Nurse Royaumont 28-Aug-17 4-Mar-18
GREEN Miss Mabel Maud, Clerk Ajaccio, Corsica Dec-15 Jul-16
GREEN Miss Mabel Maud, Orderly Royaumont 25-Jul-16 1-Oct-16 (Transferred to Royaumont from Corsica)
GREEN Miss Mabel Maud, Secretary Girton Newnham 25-Aug-19 (Still out at time of list)
GREEN Miss Mary Hughes, Housekeeper Mladanovatz 1-Jul-15 1-Nov-15
GREEN Mrs Mary Hughes, Housekeeper Ajaccio, Corsica 19-May-16 24-Apr-17
GREEN Mrs Mary Hughes, Administrator America Unit 25-May-17 1-Dec-19
GREENLEES Miss Margaret Campbell, Orderly America Unit 30-Nov-17 3-Feb-19
GREENWAY Miss Eliza Gertrude, Nurse Ajaccio, Corsica 08-Nov-17 05-Dec-18
GREENWOOD Miss Grace Millicent, Masseuse Ajaccio, Corsica 16-Nov-17 22-Apr-18
GREGORY Miss Elsie May, Orderly Kraguievatz 11-Sep-15 12-Feb-16
GREIG Miss Annie, Nurse Calais Contingent 01-Nov-14 01-Apr-15
GREIG Miss Agnes H., Nurse Girton Newnham 26-May-15 14-Oct-15
GREIG Miss Lila Stephenson, Doctor Girton Newnham 3-Mar-18 1-Dec-18
GRENSIDE Miss Winifred Elsie, Orderly Ajaccio, Corsica 31-May-16 30-Nov-16
GREY Miss Mary Greig, Masseuse Royaumont 6-Apr-17 6-Oct-17
GREY Miss Mary Greig, Masseuse Girton Newnham 4-Apr-18 1-Jul-19
GRIFFIN Miss Doris Mary, Masseuse Royaumont 11-Jun-18 6-Jan-19
GRIFFITHS Miss Ellen Jane, Nurse Kraguievatz 1-Feb-15 1-May-15
GRYLLS Miss Florence May, Orderly America Unit 3-Aug-16 1-Nov-16
GUEST Dr Edna Mary, Chief Medical Officer Ajaccio, Corsica 31-Oct-17 09-Jun-18
GUEST Dr Edna Mary, Doctor Royaumont 1-Jul-18 1-Aug-18
GUY Miss Alice Annie, Nurse Girton Newnham 24-Jul-16 Died October 1916
GWYNN Miss Margaret Katherine, Secretary London Unit 2-Jul-17 24-Nov-17 and 20-Feb-18 1-Sep-18

HACON Mrs Edith C. Llewellyn, Housekeeper Royaumont 1-Feb-15 1-Sep-17 (Now Mrs. Robichaud)
HADFIELD Miss Elizabeth, Nurse Girton Newnham 5-May-16 1-Nov-16
HAIG Miss Eileen Alexandra, Orderly London 2-Mar-18 1-Sep-18
HALL Miss Catherine G., Nurse Valjevo 11-Sep-15 12-Feb-16
HALL Miss Dorothy, Chauffeur Ajaccio, Corsica 20-Jun-17 Jul-19
 HALL Miss Georgianna Edith, Chauffeur London Unit 7-May-18 6-Feb-19
HALL Miss Gertrude Elizabeth, Orderly Royaumont 3-Nov-16 2-May-17
HALL Miss Maria Seymour, Orderly Ajaccio, Corsica 10-Jul-17 26-Jan-18
HALLIDAY Miss Christina Stevens, Orderly Royaumont 3-Nov-16 2-May-17
HALLIDAY Miss Lena, Orderly Girton Newnham 24-Jul-16 1-Dec-16
HAMER Miss Florence Hart, Nurse Valjevo 11-Sep-15 12-Feb-16
HAMILTON Miss Cicely, Clerk Royaumont 1-Dec-14 16-May-17
HAMILTON Miss Ethel Mary, Chauffeur Girton Newnham 24-Jul-16 1-Oct-16
HAMILTON Miss Jean Lawrie, Doctor Royaumont 9-Apr-18 1-Oct-18
HAMILTON Mrs Elsie May COLE-HAMILTON, Chauffeur Girton Newnham 27-Oct-17 9-Nov-18
HAMMOND Miss Daphne Lilian, Orderly Ajaccio, Corsica 18-Jan-17 Jul-17
HAMPSHIRE Miss Isabel Mildred, Secretary Girton Newnham 18-Jun-18 1-Sep-18
HANCOCK Miss M. Deborah, Doctor Royaumont 1-Dec-14 1-Nov-15
HANDELL Miss Lily Dinah, Nurse Sallanches 26-Feb-18 1-Jun-18 (Now Mrs Richards)
HANNER Miss Helen Caroline, Assistant Cook London Unit 30-Aug-16 1-Dec-16
HANSELL Miss Lily Dinah, Nurse America Unit 4-Aug-16 1-Oct-17
HARDIE Miss Mary, Orderly Royaumont 15-Aug-15 15-Feb-16
HARDIE Dr Mabel, Doctor Girton Newnham 28-Jun-15 1-Oct-15
HARDY Miss Lilian, Orderly Sallanches 30-Apr-18 1-Nov-18
HARKER Miss Norah Bowker, Nurse Royaumont 22-Nov-15 28-May-16
HARLEY Mrs K., Commandant America Unit 3-Aug-16 1-Jan-17
HARLEY Miss Edith, Chauffeur America Unit 3-Aug-16 1-Jan-17
HARRISON Miss Anna Mary, Orderly Royaumont 2-Jun-15 15-Dec-15
HART Miss Agnes, Nurse Valjevo 1-Apr-15 12-Feb-16
HARVEY Miss Agnes, Nurse Valjevo 1-Apr-15 24-Sep-15
HARVEY Miss Agnes, Nurse America Unit 4-Aug-16 18-Aug-17
HARVEY Miss Elizabeth, Clerk Girton Newnham 22-Mar-16 1-Oct-16
HARVEY Miss Elizabeth Cleland, Clerk Royaumont 2-May-18 4-Nov-18
HARVEY Miss Florence Lyle, Chauffeur America Unit 23-Mar-18 1-Mar-19
HARVEY Miss Margaret, Nurse America Unit 1-Aug-16 1-Oct-17
HAVERFIELD The Hon. Mrs Evelina, Administrator Valjevo 1-Apr-15 1-Mar-16
HAVERFIELD The Hon. Evelina, Commandant London Unit 30-Aug-16 23-Mar-17
HAVILAND Miss Louise, Orderly London Unit 21-Apr-17 24-Nov-17 and 2-Mar-16 1-Sep-18
HAVILAND Miss Maud Doria, Orderly London Unit 11-May-17 24-Nov-17
HAWTHORNE Mrs Jane Lorimer, Doctor Royaumont 1-May-15 1-Nov-15
HAY Miss Charlotte McNie, Nurse Valjevo 11-Sep-15 1-Nov-15 
HAY Mrs H. M., Orderly Girton Newnham 23-May-15 13-Oct-15
HAYNES Miss Isobel Mary, Auxiliary Chauffeur Royaumont 14-Feb-17 31-Oct-17
HEARNE Miss Eveleen, Orderly Royaumont 23-Dec-15 1-Jun-16
HEDGES Miss Geraldine, Chauffeur London Unit 30-Aug-16 1-Apr-17
HEDGES Miss Geraldine, Laundry Supt. London Unit 13-Jul-17 24-Nov-17
HEDGES Miss Geraldine, Transport Officer London Unit 20-Feb-18 1-Nov-18
HENDERSON Miss Agnes Young, Nurse Ajaccio, Corsica 06-Nov-18 02-Apr-19
HENDERSON Miss Blanche A. M., Orderly Royaumont 1-Dec-14 1-Jun-15
HENDERSON Miss Inga A., Orderly Royaumont 12-Aug-15 1-Oct-15
HENDERSON Miss Margaret, Nurse London Unit 30-Aug-16 1-Aug-17
HENDERSON Miss Mary, Administrator London Unit 30-Aug-16 1-Jul-17
HENRY Miss Lydia Manley, Doctor Royaumont 24-Jul-17 22-Mar-19
HEYWORTH Miss F. Winifred, Doctor Royaumont 1-Dec-14 1-Jun-15
HIGGINS Mrs Hester Merrit, Orderly Royaumont 21-Sep-17 1-Dec-18
HIGGS Miss Eveline, Nurse London Unit 19-Jul-17 24-Nov-17
HIGHET Miss Nan, Nurse America Unit 4-Aug-16 1-Jul-17
HIGHET Miss Nan McGregor, Nurse Ajaccio, Corsica 17-Nov-17 18-May-18
HILL Miss Ellen M., Plaster Cast Maker Girton Newnham 22-Oct-18 16-Oct-19
HILLIARD Miss Katharine, Sanitary Inspector Girton Newnham 12-Jul-18 1-Sep-19
HILLIER Mrs Isabella Baldwin, Canteen Favresse 23-Nov-18 23-Dec-18
HINEY Miss Margaret Mary, Nurse Valjevo 1-Jul-15 12-Feb-15
HISCOCK Mrs Mary Emery, Orderly America Unit 28-Nov-16 26-Feb-17
HISLOP Miss Ambrosine Sarah Timpson, Nurse Valjevo 11-Sep-15 1-Nov-15
HOARE Miss Winifred, Orderly Kraguievatz 1-Jul-15 12-Feb-16
HOARE Miss Winifred Gurney, Orderly America Unit 19-Nov-16 1-May-17
HOBBS Miss Beatrice, Nurse Royaumont 12-Oct-17 1-Oct-18
HODGES Miss Katherine Mabel Edith, Chauffeur London Unit 30-Aug-16 1-Mar-17
HODSON Miss Eleanor M., Doctor Royaumont 1-Jul-16 22-Jul-17
HOGARTH Miss Louise, Nurse Girton Newnham 22-Aug-16 1-Aug-17
HOGG Miss Georgina, Nurse Girton Newnham 29-Dec-16 24-Nov-17
HOGGARTH Miss Emma Jane, Nurse Royaumont 1-Dec-14 1-Aug-15
HOLDEN Miss Mary Georgiana, Nurse Girton Newnham 27-Feb-17 14-Jul-18
HOLDEN Miss Mary Georgiana, Nurse Royaumont 28-Sep-18 2-Jan-19
HOLLWAY Miss Edith, Doctor Kraguievatz 1-Dec-14 1-Mar-16
HOLLWAY Dr Edith, Doctor Ajaccio, Corsica 20-Apr-16 Aug-16
HOLLWAY Miss Nora, Matron Mladanovatz 1-Dec-14 1-Nov-15
HOLLWAY Miss Norah Webb, Matron Girton Newnham 19-Apr-18 1-Nov-18
HOLME Miss Emma Agnes, Nurse America Unit 3-Oct-18 19-Jul-19
HOLME Miss Vera L., Chauffeur Kraguievatz 1-Jun-15 1-Feb-16
HOLME Miss Vera L., Chauffeur London Unit 30-Aug-16 1-Oct-17
HOLMES Miss Mary, Nurse Girton Newnham 5-Jun-15 14-Oct-15
HOOKEY Miss Nellie Muriel, Orderly Girton Newnham 22-Aug-16 8-Sep-17
HOPE Dr Charles, Doctor Kraguievatz 12-Sep-15 12-Feb-16
HOPE Mrs Laura, Doctor Kraguievatz 12-Sep-15 12-Feb-16
HOPKIN Miss Rowena, Nurse London Unit 30-Aug-16 1-Aug-17
HORE Miss Edith Ethel Florence, Orderly America Unit 1-Aug-16 1-Jul-17 and 10-Jan-19 04-Aug-19
HORN Miss Isabella, Nurse Mladanovatz 1-Jun-15 1-Apr-16
HORN Miss Isabella, Nurse Girton Newnham 1-Oct-15 1-Oct-16
HOTHAM Miss E. M., Chauffeur Girton Newnham 18-May-15 31-Aug-16
HOUGH Mrs Kathleen Margaret, Orderly Girton Newnham 2-Jul-18 25-Jan-19
HOUSTON Miss Sadie, Nurse Royaumont 1-Jul-18 1-Dec-18
HOUSTON Miss Sadie, Nurse America Unit 28-Jan-19 18-Sep-19
HOWARD Miss Lilian Maud, Chauffeur London Unit 20-Feb-18 6-Feb-19
HOWIE Miss Mary Dorothy Stevenson, Chauffeur London Unit 2-Mar-18 6-Feb-19
HOYLE Miss Dorothy, Masseuse Girton Newnham 22-Oct-18 25-Jan-19
HUDSON Miss Dorothy Mary, Cook Girton Newnham 30-Mar-16 1-Oct-16
HUDSON Miss Ester E., Nurse Girton Newnham 11-Jun-18 3-Mar-19
HUGHES Miss Dora Gladys, Orderly America Unit 8-Nov-16 1-Jul-17
HUGHES Miss Elsie Whaley, Orderly Ajaccio, Corsica 10-May-17 20-Nov-17
HUGHES Miss Elsie Whaley, Orderly Royaumont 25-Oct-18 2-Jan-19
HUNTER Miss Alison, X-ray Operator Kraguievatz 1-Dec-14 1-Dec-15
HUNTER Miss Alison Mary, X-ray Operator Ajaccio, Corsica Dec-15 Sep-16 and 11-Sep-18 02-Apr-19
HUNTER Miss Christine, Nurse Ajaccio, Corsica 06-Jun-16 Jan-17
HUNTER Miss Dorothy Edith, Orderly Girton Newnham 26-May-16 1-Nov-16
HUNTER Miss Dorothy Ellen, Housekeeper Sallanches 1-Mar-18 1-Apr-19
HUNTER Miss Elisa Josefina Dolores, Orderly Girton Newnham 17-Oct-16 1-May-17
HUNTER Miss Mary, Nurse Girton Newnham 25-May-15 14-Oct-15
HUNTER Miss Nora, Orderly Girton Newnham 2-Nov-16 1-May-17
HUTCHINSON Miss Rosaline Annette Mason, Orderly Girton Newnham 17-Oct-16 1-Jul-17
HUTCHISON Dr Alice, Doctor Calais Contingent 01-Nov-14  1-Apr-15
HUTCHISON Miss Alice, Doctor Valjevo 1-Apr-15 12-Feb-16
HUTCHISON Miss Alice, Doctor Girton Newnham 1-Sep-16 1-Dec-16 (Temporary)
HUTCHISON Miss Margaret W., Orderly Kraguievatz 1-Dec-14 1-Apr-15
HUTTON Miss Elizabeth Rowan, Orderly Ajaccio, Corsica 17-Nov-17 May-18
HUTTON Miss Elizabeth Christina, Nurse Royaumont 24-Nov-16 17-Nov-17
HYSLOP Miss Marjorie Elizabeth, Orderly Girton Newnham 25-Jul-18 1-Jun-19

IMRAY Miss Evelyn, Cook Kraguievatz 1-Apr-15 1-Nov-15
INGLIS Miss Elsie Maud, Doctor Kraguievatz 1-Apr-15 29-Feb-16
INGLIS Dr Elsie Maud, Chief Medical Officer London Unit 30-Aug-16 26-Nov-17 (Died 26 November 1917)
INGLIS Miss Etta Helen Maude, Orderly Royaumont 29-Nov-15 1-Mar-19
INGLIS Miss Florence Elsie, Doctor Royaumont 4-Sep-17 1-Apr-18
INGLIS Mrs Ida Evelyn Chetwynd, Orderly America Unit 4-Aug-16 1-Oct-17
INGLIS Mrs Ida Evelyn Chetwynd, Royaumont 6-May-18 19-Jul-18 (Now Mrs. Sutherland)
INGLIS Miss Violet, Orderly Girton Newnham 15-May-15 14-Apr-16
INGLIS Miss Violet Alice Harrietta, Orderly Royaumont 1-Sep-17 1-Mar-19
INGLIS Mr William, Chauffeur Royaumont 1-Jun-15 to 1-Nov-15
INGLIS Mr W. G., Baggage Master Girton Newnham 1-Nov-15 1-Jun-16
INKSON Miss Kathleen, Nurse Royaumont 22-Nov-15 28-May-16
INNES Miss Agnes Caroline, Orderly Ajaccio, Corsica Dec-15 09-Jun-16
IRELAND Miss Williamina Bertram, Clerk Girton Newnham 18-Dec-17 1-May-18
IRVINE Miss Ella Macleish, Orderly America Unit 29-Aug-16 1-Jul-17
IRVINE Miss Helen Douglas, Clerk Kraguievatz 1-Dec-14 1-Apr-15
IRWIN Miss Eileen Mary Hastings, Ajaccio, Corsica 21-May-18 Nov-18 (Now Mrs Robini)
IVENS Miss M. H. Frances, Chief Medical Officer Royaumont 1-Dec-14 22-Mar-19 [Mary Hannah Frances Ivens, later Mrs. Knowles]

JACK Miss Florence B,. Administrator Valjevo 1-Apr-15 12-Feb-16
JACK Miss Florence, Administrator America Unit 4-Aug-16 16-Jun-17
JACK Miss Florence Bryce, Canteen Creil 2-Oct-17 20-Jun-18
JACK Miss Florence Bryce, Canteen Favresse 1-Oct-18 23-Dec-18
JACKSON Miss Florence Violet, Orderly Royaumont 9-Feb-18 2-Jan-19
JACKSON Miss Martha, Nurse London Unit 30-Aug-16 1-Aug-17
JACKSON Miss Sophie Bangham, Doctor Ajaccio, Corsica 30-Sep-16 25-Mar-17
JACKSON Miss Winnie Spence Goodwin, Orderly Royaumont 25-Oct-18 3-Jan-19
JAMES Miss Sylvia Marie, Chauffeur America Unit 4-Aug-16 1-Jan-17
JAMIESON Miss Anna Louise, Orderly and Cook Royaumont 3-Oct-16 7-Jan-19
JAMESON Miss Annie, Orderly Royaumont 10-Jul-18 16-Dec-18
JAMIESON Miss Olive Marguerite, Nurse Ajaccio, Corsica 25-Jun-18 07-May-19
JAMIESON Miss Olive Marguerite, Nurse Girton Newnham 25-Aug-19 2-Jan-20
JARDINE Miss Gertrude, Canteen Crepy 30-Apr-18 16-Oct-18
JEALOUS Miss Bertha, Nurse London Unit 8-Oct-18 1-Sep-18 [As given, though dates can't be correct]
JEFFERY Miss Mabel E., Nurse Royaumont 27-Mar-15 1-Mar-16
JEFFERY Miss Mabel Effie, Nurse Girton Newnham 3-Jul-19 (Still out at time of list)
JEKYLL Miss Rhoda, Nurse Royaumont 13-Dec-16 13-Jun-17
JENKINS Miss Florence, Nurse London Unit 30-Aug-16 1-Nov-17
JENKINS Miss Florence, Nurse America Unit 14-May-19 16-Sep-19
JENKINS Miss Susannah Grier, Nurse London Unit 30-Aug-16 1-Aug-17
JENSEN Miss Gladys Sophie, Chauffeur London Unit 1-Aug-16 1-Dec-16
JEREMIAH Miss Gertrude, Nurse Royaumont 27-Aug-18 12-Dec-18
JOHNSON Miss Barbara, Orderly Royaumont 16-Jan-18 17-Jul-18
JOHNSON Miss Lorna Angus, Orderly Girton Newnham 22-Mar-16 1-Nov-16
JOHNSON Miss Sybil, Orderly Ajaccio, Corsica Dec-15 Jun-16
JOHNSON Miss Sybil, Orderly London Unit 30-Aug-16 1-Jan-17
JOHNSTONE Miss Margaret Barbara Duncan, Orderly Royaumont 16-Mar-17 1-Jul-18
JOLLY Miss Caroline Bray, Orderly America Unit 22-Aug-16 1-Oct-16
JONES Miss Gladys Margaret Powell, Chauffeur America Unit 19-Sep-18 1-Mar-19
JONES Mrs Gladys Maud Ellen, Nurse Royaumont 23-Apr-18 18-Oct-18
JONES Miss Gwendoline Mary Mansel, Orderly America Unit 22-Aug-16 1-Jan-17
JONES Miss Gwladys, Nurse Kraguievatz 11-Sep-15 12-Feb-16
JONES Miss Helena G., Doctor Ajaccio, Corsica 16-Feb-16 May-16
JONES Miss Katherine M. C. Lloyd, Maid Royaumont 1-Feb-15 1-Aug-15
JONES Miss Mary, Nurse Valjevo 1-Apr-15 24-Sep-15
JONES Mrs Elizabeth Mary NICOL-JONES, Nurse London Unit 10-Jul-17 1-Nov-17
JORDAN Mr John William, Mechanic London 1-May-18 1-May-19
JORDAN Mr John William, Mechanic Girton Newnham 1-May-19 (Still out at time of list)
JORDAN Miss Louisa Jessie, Nurse Kraguievatz 1-Dec-14 (Died March 1915)
JOURDAIN Mrs Olive, Housekeeper Girton Newnham 22-Aug-16 1-Sep-16
JOYCE Miss M., Doctor Royaumont 1-Aug-15 1-Aug-15 (Sometime in August 1915 only)

KEER Dr Honoria S., Doctor Girton Newnham 8-May-15 21-Jan-18
KEER Miss Honoria S., Chief Medical Officer Ajaccio, Corsica 08-May-18 15-Jun-19
KEIL Miss Anna George, Orderly Royaumont 27-Jul-18 2-Jan-19
KELSALL Miss Ellen L., Orderly Valjevo 1-Apr-15 1-Aug-15
KELSALL Miss Jessie Margaret, Orderly Valjevo 1-Apr-15 24-Sep-15
KEMP Miss Geraldine, Orderly Kraguievatz 1-Mar-15 1-Aug-15
KENION Miss Vida, Canteen Creil 2-Feb-18 1-Sep-18
KENNEDY Miss Elizabeth Buchanan, Chauffeur-Orderly Royaumont 3-Oct-16 21-Feb-17
KENNEDY Miss Margaret Ann, Orderly Girton Newnham 29-Oct-15 4-Sep-16
KENT Miss F. Ruby, Orderly London Unit 1-Aug-16 1-Jan-17
KENT Miss T. Ruby, Orderly America Unit 21-May-18 1-Oct-18
KER Miss Emma Gladys Ellen, Orderly Sallanches 21-Dec-18 1-May-19
KERR Miss Agnes Dorothy, Nurse America Unit 3-Aug-16 1-Mar-19
KERR Miss Jessie Elizabeth Martin, Orderly Girton Newnham 15-May-15 14-Apr-16 and 1-Jul-16 1-Feb-17
KERR Miss Margaret H., Cook Valjevo 1-Apr-15 12-Feb-16
KERR Miss Margaret H., Cook America Unit 4-Aug-16 16-Jun-17
KERR Miss Margaret H., Canteen Creil 12-Feb-18 20-Jun-18
KILTY Miss Frances Muriel, Nurse Valjevo 1-Apr-15 12-Feb-16
KING Miss Cecilia Charlotte, Nurse Sallanches 15-Mar-18 1-May-19
KING Miss O. Kelso, Chauffeur Girton Newnham 1-May-15 1-Jul-16
KING Miss Priscilla Isabella, Nurse America Unit 4-Aug-16 1-Nov-19
KINMOND Miss Evelyn, Nurse Royaumont 19-Apr-18 20-Oct-18
KINNAIRD Miss Margaret Warrender, Nurse London Unit 30-Aug-16 1-Aug-17
KIRKWOOD Miss Chrissie, Orderly Girton Newnham 10-Jul-17 1-Feb-18
KIRKWOOD Miss Nannie J. D., Orderly Girton Newnham 10-Jul-17 1-Mar-18

LAING Miss Marion F. L., Orderly Girton Newnham 1-May-17 1-Jul-19
LAIRD Miss Mary H., Orderly Girton Newnham 15-May-15 1-Jul-16
LAIRD Miss Janet Stewart, Doctor Kraguievatz 1-Mar-15 1-Nov-15 (Now Mrs Hartley)
LAIRD Dr Janet Stewart, Doctor London Unit 1-Dec-16 1-Sep-17 (Now Mrs Hartley)
LALOE Miss Mathilde Augusta Lilian, Cook Girton Newnham 1-Jan-16 15-Feb-20 (Employed initially as cook, and later as administrator)
LAMB Miss Jessie Clayton, Nurse Kraguievatz 1-Sep-15 12-Feb-16
LAMB Miss Maisie Porteous, Nurse Valjevo 1-Apr-15 24-Sep-15
LANG Miss Annie Louisa, Orderly Girton Newnham 17-Oct-16 29-Dec-17
LARGE Miss Ruby Victoria Ellen, Asst. Photographer Royaumont 9-Jul-18 9-Nov-18
LARNACH Miss Isa Andrew, Nurse Royaumont 1-Jul-17 1-Dec-18
LARNACH Miss Isa Andrew, Nurse Sallanches 16-Jan-19 16-Apr-19
LATARCHE Miss Kate, Dentist Girton Newnham 10-May-18 24-Apr-19
LAUDER Miss Helena Jemima, Cook Girton Newnham 19-Feb-18 1-Jun-18
LAW Miss Evelyn, Chauffeur London Unit 1-Mar-18 1-Mar-19
LAW Miss Jessie, Orderly Royaumont 23-Jul-18 20-Oct-18
LAWLEY Miss Alice, Nurse America Unit 12-Oct-17 4-Nov-19
LAWLEY Miss Alice, Nurse Girton Newnham 1-Feb-20 1-Apr-20
LAWRENCE Miss Helen, Nurse Royaumont 1-Dec-14 9-Aug-15
LAWRENCE Miss Margaret Chrissie, Orderly Kraguievatz 1-Jul-15 1-Nov-15
LAWRENCE Miss Rachel, Orderly Girton Newnham 26-May-16 1-Oct-16
LAWSON Miss Jean Henry, Nurse Royaumont 1-Jul-18 1-Dec-18
LAWSON Miss Jean Henry, Nurse America Unit 22-Jan-19 18-Sep-19 (Transferred to Belgrade 18 September 1919)
LAWSON Miss Jean Henry, Nurse Girton Newnham 1-Sep-19 1-Nov-19
Le GOOD Miss Phyllis Bertha Saville, Orderly Ajaccio, Corsica 19-Nov-18 24-Mar-19
LEAHY Miss Kathleen CARROLL-LEAHY, Orderly Royaumont 4-Oct-18 16-Dec-18
LEARMONTH Miss Betty, Nurse Girton Newnham 24-May-15 1-May-16
LEARMONTH Miss Betty, Nurse Royaumont 1-Sep-17 18-Dec-18
LEARMONTH Miss Netta, Orderly Royaumont 21-Sep-17 20-Mar-18
LEASK Miss Margaret, Nurse Royaumont 1-Jul-18 1-Dec-18
LEBEBT Mlle Suzanne, Bacteriologist Royaumont 1-Jul-17 15-Oct-17
LECKIE Miss Mary Elizabeth, Orderly Girton Newnham 9-May-17 29-Dec-17
LEES Miss Alice Mary, Orderly Kraguievatz 1-Sep-15 12-Feb-16
LEES Miss Constance Annie, Nurse Girton Newnham 5-May-16 2-Nov-16
LEIGH Miss Winifred Scott, Orderly Royaumont 5-Oct-18 10-Dec-18
LEIGHTON Miss Clara, Nurse Girton Newnham 3-Jun-16 1-Oct-17
LEISHMAN Miss Clara Sanderson, Orderly Royaumont 11-Oct-17 8-Sep-18
LENG Miss Helen Marjorie, Orderly Royaumont 1-Aug-15 15-Feb-16
LENTON Miss Lilian Inkley, Orderly America Unit 12-Apr-18 17-Jun-19
LESLIE Miss Margaret M., Orderly Royaumont 13-Dec-16 13-Jun-17
LESLIE Miss Aline Rose ARBUTHNOT-LESLIE, Chauffeur London Unit 7-May-18 1-Dec-18
LETHBRIDGE Miss Hester, Orderly Royaumont 1-Sep-17 9-Dec-17 (Insubordination)
LETTS Mrs Kathleen Mabel, Orderly America Unit 4-Aug-16 1-Jan-17
LEUCHARS Miss Mary Crockatt, Nurse Valjevo 1-Jul-15 29-Feb-16
LEUCHARS Miss Mary Crockatt, Nurse Royaumont 25-Jul-16 18-Oct-16 (Transferred from Corsica)
LEUCHARS Miss Mary Crockatt, Nurse Ajaccio, Corsica 12-Apr-16
LEVACK Miss Diana, Nurse Ajaccio, Corsica Dec-15 Mar-16
LEVESON Miss Alice L., Nurse America Unit 3-Aug-16 1-Sep-16
LEVY Miss Kathleen Gertrude, Nurse Girton Newnham (Date field reads '15 August - left almost at once')
LEWIS Miss Hilda Watkin, Orderly Royaumont 5-Apr-18 6-Oct-18
LEWIS Miss Isobel, Orderly London Unit 30-Aug-16 24-Nov-17 and 20-Feb-18 1-Sep-18
LEWIS Miss Sybil, Doctor Valjevo 1-Jul-15 12-Feb-16 (Died 8 March 1918)
LEWIS Dr Sybil, Doctor America Unit 4-Aug-16 1-Dec-17
LEWIS Miss Vera Constance Evelyn, Nurse Royaumont 16-Mar-17 14-Jan-18
LILLIE Dr Helen, Doctor America Unit 15-May-17 28-Nov-17
LILLIE Miss Helen, Doctor Royaumont 27-Feb-18 11-Dec-18
LILLIE Miss Marianne Alice, Matron London Unit 31-Jul-18 1-Dec-18
LINDSAY Miss Annie, Orderly Ajaccio, Corsica 12-Apr-16 01-May-17
LINDSAY Miss Annie Macarthur, Orderly America Unit 18-Aug-17 11-May-19
LINDSAY Miss Gertrude H., Nurse Royaumont 1-Mar-15 21-Feb-19
LINDSAY Miss Jean, Orderly Ajaccio, Corsica 04-May-16 01-May-17
LINDSAY Miss Jean, Orderly America Unit 2-Jul-17 11-May-19
LINDSAY Miss Jean Marjorie, Orderly Royaumont 8-Mar-16 20-Sep-16 and 3-Mar-18 24-Sep-18
LINTON Miss Alexandrina, Nurse Calais Contingent 01-Nov-14 Apr-15
LINTON Miss Alexandrina, Nurse Valjevo 1-Apr-15 1-Nov-15
LISTER Miss Henrietta Mabel, Chauffeur London Unit 2-Mar-18 6-Feb-19
LITTLE Mrs Chrystine Colbourne, Orderly Sallanches 12-Jul-18 1-May-19
LITTLE Miss Winifred Edith Rose, Orderly London Unit 30-Aug-16 1-Oct-17
LITTLEJOHN Miss Dorothy. K., Cook Royaumont 1-Jun-15 1-Jul-15
LIVESAY Miss Dorothy Elizabeth Bligh, Chauffeur London Unit 30-Aug-16 1-Jan-17
LIVINGSTON Miss Nellie, Orderly Sallanches 21-Dec-18 18-Apr-19
LOGAN Miss Dorothy Cochrane, Doctor Royaumont 9-Apr-18 28-Jun-18 (Dismissed)
LONGDEN Miss Mina Eleanor, Chauffeur America Unit 1-Aug-17 1-Dec-17
LONGDEN Miss Nina Eleanor, Chauffeur Girton Newnham 1-Dec-17 1-Jul-18
LORIMER Miss Hilda Lockhart, Orderly Girton Newnham 4-Apr-17 1-Sep-17
LOTHIAN Miss Robena, Nurse Royaumont 16-Mar-17 20-Mar-18
LOUDON Miss Katharine Mary, Administrator Royaumont 1-Jun-15 20-Dec-16
LOUDON Miss Katharine Mary Canteen Favresse 8-Nov-18 23-Dec-18
LOVE Miss Margaret Millar, Orderly Royaumont 19-Nov-18 3-Jan-19
LOWE Miss Caroline Victoria, Doctor Girton Newnham 7-Oct-16 1-May-17
LOWE Miss Catherine R., X-Ray Assistant Royaumont 1-Aug-18 1-Jan-19
LOWE Miss Catherine Rose, X-Ray Assistant Girton Newnham 22-Jan-19 11-Nov-19
LUCAS Mrs Dorothy Eleanora, Orderly Girton Newnham 8-Jun-17 1-Jul-18
LUCAS Miss Margaret Priscilla Tindall, Orderly Royaumont 15-Mar-18 24-Sep-18

MACALISTER Miss Marion Jamieson, X-Ray Sister Royaumont 27-Jul-18 16-Dec-18
MACARTNEY Miss Hallide Jeanne, Orderly Royaumont 12-Feb-16 1-Nov-16
MacBEAN Miss Mona, Nurse Calais Contingent 01-Nov-14 1-Apr-15 (Now Mrs Macdonald)
MacBEAN Miss Mona, Nurse Girton Newnham 21-Jul-15  1-Mar-16 (Now Mrs Macdonald)
MACDONALD Miss Isabella, Nurse Girton Newnham 27-Feb-17 1-Sep-18
MACDONALD Miss Margaret, Orderly Royaumont 1-Aug-15 1-Feb-16
MACDONALD Miss Margaret Anne, Nurse Royaumont 10-Aug-17 1-Oct-18
MACDONALD Miss Margaret, Nurse London Unit 7-Aug-18 2-May-19
MACDONALD Miss Mary Flora, Orderly Royaumont 1-Aug-15 20-Oct-15
MACDONALD Miss Mary, Housekeeper Girton Newnham 12-Jul-18 (Still out at time of list)
MACDONALD Miss Mary Elizabeth, Matron Kraguievatz 1-Dec-14 1-Apr-15
MACDONALD Mrs Sarah, Nurse Kraguievatz 1-Feb-15 1-Jun-15
MacDOUGALL Miss Mattie Janet, Chauffeur London Unit 30-Aug-16 1-Mar-17
MACFARLANE Miss Rebecca Wart, Orderly Royaumont 12-Dec-17 18-May-18
MACGILLIVRAY Miss Christian, Nurse Kraguievatz 1-Feb-15 1-Jul-15
MACGREGOR Miss Angusine Jeanne, Housekeeper Ajaccio, Corsica 10-Jul-17 22-Jul-19
MACGREGOR Miss Beatrice, Doctor Mladanovatz 1-Jul-15 1-Nov-15
MacINTYRE Miss Jessie P., Nurse Calais Contingent 01-Nov-14 Apr-15
MACKAY Miss Edith, Nurse Ajaccio, Corsica 02-Oct-17 27-Sep-18
MACKAY Miss Edith Jane, Nurse London Unit 23-Oct-18 to (not known)
MACKAY Miss Nora, Orderly Royaumont 1-Feb-15 14-Jul-17
MACKENZIE Miss Agnes Traill, Orderly London Unit 30-Aug-16 1-Nov-16
MACKENZIE Miss Catherine Isobel, Nurse London Unit 19-Jul-17 24-Nov-17
MACKENZIE Miss Edith Mabel, Chauffeur London Unit 30-Aug-16 1-Dec-16
MACKENZIE Miss Elizabeth, Nurse Valjevo 1-Apr-15 24-Sep-15
MACKENZIE Miss Florence Annie, Nurse Girton Newnham 4-Jun-15 (Still out at time of list)
MACKENZIE Miss Georgina, Nurse Royaumont 1-Oct-15 15-Mar-16
MACKENZIE Miss Geraldine, Orderly Royaumont 28-Apr-16 1-May-17
MACKENZIE Miss Kate Mayward, Orderly Sallanches 3-Jul-18 1-Sep-18
MACKENZIE Miss Mary, Nurse Mladanovatz 1-Mar-15 1-Nov-15
MACKENZIE Miss Mary, Nurse Girton Newnham 21-Dec-16 1-May-19  
MACKENZIE Miss Myra, Doctor America Unit 1-Mar-18 1-Oct-19
MACKENZIE Miss Myra, Doctor Girton Newnham 3-Mar-18 (Still out at time of list)
MACKINTOSH Miss Daisy Hickman, Nurse Ajaccio, Corsica Dec-15 Apr-16
MACKINTOSH Miss Helen Muriel, Orderly Royaumont 24-Jul-17 27-Jan-18
MACLAREN Miss Jessie, Nurse Royaumont 1-Mar-15 30-Aug-16
MACLAREN Miss Winnie Thorburn, Nurse America Unit 5-Oct-17 4-Apr-19
MACLEOD Miss Annie Bain, Nurse Girton Newnham 17-Oct-16 1-Sep-19
MACLEOD Miss Florence Margaret, Orderly Kraguievatz 1-Dec-14 1-Jun-15
MACNAUGHTAN Miss Dorothy Helen, Masseuse Sallanches 11-Dec-18 1-May-19
MACNAUGHTON Miss Edith Mabel, Orderly Royaumont 23-Dec-15 30-Dec-16
MACNAUGHTON Miss Norah Miller, Orderly Royaumont 29-Apr-16 1-Sep-16
MACPHAIL Dr Alexandrina Matilda, Chief Medical Officer Ajaccio, Corsica 02-Aug-17 26-Nov-17
MACPHAIL Miss Alexandrina Matilda, Doctor Sallanches 1-Feb-18 1-Nov-18
MACPHAIL Miss Isabel M., Orderly Girton Newnham 15-May-15 1-Jul-16 and 21-Sep-16 13-Apr-17
MACPHAIL Miss Katherine S., Doctor Kraguievatz 12-Dec-14 1-Jun-15
MACPHAIL Miss Mary Stuart, Orderly Ajaccio, Corsica 11-Apr-18 Nov-18 
MACPHERSON Miss Betty F., Orderly and Storekeeper Royaumont 1-May-16 4-Feb-19
MACPHERSON Miss Jean Blackwood Hannah, Cook Royaumont 29-Aug-15 1-Jan-17
MADAN Miss Bertha Louise, Chauffeur Kraguievatz 11-Sep-15 12-Feb-16
MAGUIRE Miss Emily, Orderly Valjevo 1-Jul-15 1-Mar-16
MAIN Miss Meta Moore, Orderly Royaumont 8-Aug-16 11-Aug-18
MAISEY Miss Esther Catherine May, Orderly Royaumont 1-Nov-18 16-Dec-18
MAITLAND Miss Katherine McNeill, Nurse America Unit 22-Jun-17 13-Nov-17 and 24-Jan-18 Aug-18
MAJENDIE Miss Isabel Louise, Orderly Girton Newnham 12-Jul-18 1-Aug-19
MALLARKY Miss Esme, Orderly Royaumont 11-Jun-18 10-Dec-18
MALLET Mr George, X-Ray Boy Girton Newnham 1-Jun-15 16-Jun-17
MALLON Miss Louisa, Nurse Royaumont 3-Feb-17 11-Aug-17 18-Dec-17 19-Jun-18
MALONE Miss Helen Frances, Orderly Girton Newnham 15-Mar-18 31-Mar-20
MANOEL Mme Marie, Bacteriologist Royaumont 25-Oct-17 21-Jan-19
MANOEL Mme Bacteriologist Sallanches 7-Mar-19 1-May-19
MANN Miss Agnes, Nurse Kraguievatz 1-Jun-15 1-Apr-16
MANSON Miss Agnes Williamina, Orderly Royaumont 18-Dec-17 22-Jun-18
MAPLE Miss Marguerite Ethel, Sanitary Inspector Girton Newnham 29-Oct-15 1-Dec-16 and 23-Feb-17 1-Jul-17
MARGESON Miss Ethel Isabel, Orderly Sallanches 30-Aug-18 18-Apr-19
MARRIOTT Miss Olivia Mary, Orderly Royaumont 4-Jun-18 2-Dec-18
MARTIN Miss Eveline Christiana, Clerk Royaumont 2-Aug-17 4-Nov-18
MARTIN Miss Jean, Chauffeur America Unit 30-Jul-18 1-Jun-19
MARTLAND Miss Edith Marjorie, Doctor Royaumont 25-Jul-16 9-Aug-18
MARX Miss Constance Margaret, Chauffeur London Unit 8-Nov-16 1-Aug-17
MATHER Miss Elizabeth Low, Orderly America Unit 22-Aug-16 1-May-17
MATHESON Miss Katherine, Nurse London Unit 19-Jul-17 24-Nov-17
MATHEWS Miss Mary Munro, Orderly Ajaccio, Corsica 26-Jun-17 05-Feb-18
MATTHEWS Miss Gladys May, Nurse Girton Newnham 14-Jul-18 14-Nov-19
MAUDE Miss Ethel, Matron Sallanches 26-Feb-18 29-Jul-18
MAUFE Miss Hilda Mary Brantwood, Orderly America Unit 14-Jul-18 3-Feb-19
MAXWELL Miss Elisabeth M., Nurse Valjevo 1-Apr-15 1-Sep-15 (Now Mrs Robertson)
MAXWELL Miss Elizabeth M., Nurse America Unit 4-Aug-16 1-Apr-19
MAXWELL Miss Isabella Margaret, Canteen Crepy 25-Oct-17 20-Apr-18
MAXWELL Miss Jane Wilson, Nurse Royaumont 1-Dec-14 31-May-15
MAXWELL Miss Mary Jane, Orderly Sallanches 26-Feb-18 1-Mar-19
MAY Miss Constance, Orderly Girton Newnham 6-Sep-16 1-Mar-17
MAY Miss Constance, Canteen Creil 13-Apr-18 16-Oct-18
MAY Miss Elizabeth Loudon, Orderly America Unit 4-Aug-16 10-Oct-17
MAY Miss Winifred Louise, X-Ray Assistant Royaumont 27-Nov-18 14-Jan-19
MAY Miss Clothilde M. DELABERE-MAY, Nurse Girton Newnham 30-May-18 26-Sep-19
MAYGROVE Miss Camilla Blanche, Chauffeur London Unit 7-May-18 3-Jan-19
MCALLAN Mr John, Handyman Valjevo 1-Apr-15 24-Sep-15
MCALLAN Mr John, Handyman Girton Newnham 28-Nov-16 17-May-18
MCCALL Miss Florence, Nurse Calais Contingent 01-Nov-14 01-Apr-15
MCCALL Miss Florence M., Nurse Girton Newnham 22-May-15 30-Jun-16
MCCALL Miss Isobel Hendrietta, Chauffeur Ajaccio, Corsica 11-Feb-16 Aug-16
MCCALLUM Miss Mary, Nurse America Unit 4-Aug-16 1-Jun-17
MCCANN Miss Margaret, Nurse Ajaccio, Corsica Sep-17 27-Mar-18
MCCAW Miss Isabel Catherine, Chauffeur America Unit 27-Feb-17 9-Jan-19
MCCAW Miss Nora, Chauffeur London Unit 20-Feb-18 1-Sep-18
MCCLELAND Miss Leila, Orderly America Unit 14-Jul-18 1-Jun-19
MCCOLL Miss Williamina Mary, Orderly Royaumont 1-Sep-17 1-Jul-18
MCCULLOCH Miss Hughina, Nurse Girton Newnham 2-Jun-15 1-Oct-17 
MCCULLOCH Miss Janie Rennie Thomson, Laundry Superintendent America Unit 29-Dec-16 1-Oct-17
MCDONALD Miss Jessie, Nurse Valjevo 1-Apr-15 22-Sep-15
MCDOUGALL Miss Helen, Doctor Kraguievatz 1-Jul-15 12-Feb-16
MCDOUGALL Miss Helen, Doctor Royaumont 20-Sep-16 1-Jul-18 and 1-Aug-18 21-Oct-18
MCDOWELL Miss Matilda, Chauffeur London Unit 7-May-18 4-Jul-18 (Died 4 July 1918)
MCELHONE Miss Mary Anna, Nurse London Unit 30-Aug-16 1-Oct-17
MCGREGOR Miss Barbara, Doctor Girton Newnham 29-Oct-15 1-Oct-16 (Now Mrs Pirie)
MCGREGOR Miss Eunice Jean, Chauffeur Royaumont 1-Feb-18 1-Jul-18
MCGREGOR Miss Jessie Leslie, Nurse Ajaccio, Corsica Dec-15 Jul-16
MCGREGOR Miss Jessie Leslie, Nurse Royaumont 1-Jul-16 17-Nov-17 and 28-Feb-18 30-Dec-18
MCGREGOR Miss Jessie Leslie, Nurse Sallanches 30-Dec-18 23-Apr-19
MCGREGOR Miss Jessie Leslie, Nurse Girton Newnham 1-Oct-15 1-Nov-17
MCGUIRE Miss Mary Emily, Orderly London Unit 30-Aug-16 1-Jan-17
MCILROY Dr Anne Louise, Chief Medical Officer Girton Newnham 8-May-15 1-Sep-19
MCINTOSH Miss Edith Margaret, Orderly Girton Newnham 17-Oct-16 28-Jan-19
MCKELVIE Miss Ethel, Nurse Royaumont 4-Sep-17 31-Dec-18
MCKENDRICK Miss Maie, Orderly Sallanches 21-Dec-18 18-Apr-19
MCKENDRICK Miss Maie, Orderly America Unit 14-May-19 1-Sep-19
MCKNIGHT Miss Jean, Nurse Ajaccio, Corsica [dates illegible in original]
MCKNIGHT Miss Jean, Nurse Royaumont 2-Mar-17 3-Sep-17
MCLEAN Miss Adelaide, Matron Girton Newnham 26-May-16 1-Sep-16
MCLEOD Miss Helen Mowat, Asst. Cook Royaumont 2-Aug-17 20-Dec-17 (Refused to work at Villers-Cotterets)
MCNEIL Miss Mary, Nurse Valjevo 1-Apr-15 22-Sep-15
MCNEILL Miss Mary Lauchline, Doctor Girton Newnham 7-Oct-16 12-Jan-20
MCVEA Miss Janet, Doctor Mladanovatz 1-Mar-15 1-Nov-15
MCVEAN Miss Susan, Nurse Ajaccio, Corsica 14-May-18 Apr-19
MEAD Miss Ada Martha, Nurse Girton Newnham 24-Jul-16 1-Jan-17
MEERE Miss Margaret Mary, Orderly Royaumont 3-Feb-17 4-Aug-17
MEIKLEJOHN Mrs Helena B., Nurse Girton Newnham 24-May-15 1-Aug-15
MEIKLEJOHN Miss Isobel W. S., Orderly Valjevo 1-Apr-15 24-Sep-15  
MEIKLEJOHN Miss Jean, Doctor Royaumont 14-Sep-15 1-Nov-15
MELLEN Miss M. P., Nurse Kraguievatz 1-Dec-14 1-Jun-15
MELLO Miss Theresa Norah, Orderly America Unit 22-Aug-16 1-Oct-16
MELVILLE Miss Catharine Janet, Orderly Ajaccio, Corsica 28-Nov-16 04-Jun-17
MELVILLE Miss Catherine J., Orderly Girton Newnham 2-Oct-17 7-Oct-18
MELVILLE Miss Catharine Janet, Orderly Sallanches 3-Dec-18 1-Jun-19
MENMUIR Miss Harriet, Nurse Valjevo 1-Apr-15 1-Nov-15
MERRYLEAS Miss Anna Louise, Orderly Royaumont 1-Aug-15 6-Sep-17
MERRYLEAS Miss Anna Louise, Masseuse Girton Newnham 23-Nov-18 11-Nov-19
MERRYLEAS Miss Mary C., Orderly Royaumont 1-Jun-15 1-Aug-15 
MIDDLEMISS Miss Margaret, Nurse Ajaccio, Corsica May-16 Nov-16
MIDDLEMISS Miss Margaret, Nurse Royaumont 14-Feb-17 3-Sep-17
MIDDLETON Miss Janet, Nurse Valjevo 1-Apr-15 1-Nov-15
MIDDLETON Miss Rachel, Chauffeur Ajaccio, Corsica 29-Dec-16 Jul-17
MIDDLETON Miss Rachel, Chauffeur Royaumont 7-Sep-17 7-Aug-18
MIDGLEY Miss Dorothy, Orderly Royaumont 8-Nov-15 11-Feb-16
MILLAR Miss Ellen, Orderly Ajaccio, Corsica 01-Nov-17 10-May-18 
MILLAR Miss Eliza, Orderly Ajaccio, Corsica 01-Nov-17 10-May-18
MILLER Miss Catherine Cook, Nurse London Unit 10-Jul-17 24-Nov-17 (Died 24 December 1918 at Liverpool)
MILLER Miss Jessie Jenkins, Nurse Royaumont 1-Mar-15 30-Aug-16
MILLER Miss Marjorie, Orderly Royaumont 1-Aug-15 1-Feb-16 and 1-Sep-16 1-Dec-18
MILLER Miss Marjorie, Orderly Sallanches 1-Jan-19 22-Apr-19
MILNE Miss Anne Smith, Nurse Royaumont 1-Dec-14 1-Nov-16
MILNE Mrs Mary, Cook London Unit 30-Aug-16 24-Nov-17
MILNE Mrs Mary, Housekeeper Sallanches 6-Nov-18 1-May-19
MINCHIN Miss Una Eleanor, Orderly Royaumont 15-Oct-18 30-Dec-18
MINSHULL Miss Augusta, Nurse Kraguievatz 1-Feb-15 (Died April 1915)
MITCHELL Mr Alexander, Handyman Girton Newnham 24-Jul-16 1-Sep-16
MITCHELL Miss Isabella, Nurse Girton Newnham 30-May-15 14-Oct-15
MITCHELL Miss Marguerite May, Orderly Ajaccio, Corsica 07-Jun-18 21-Dec-18
MITCHELL Miss Mary Anne, Nurse Girton Newnham 1-Sep-15 2-Sep-19
MOFFAT Miss Christina, Clerk Girton Newnham 28-Nov-16 1-Jul-18 and 6-Nov-18 1-May-19 
MOFFAT Miss Florence Cecilia, Orderly Royaumont 21-Sep-16 11-Nov-17
MOFFET Miss Una Phyllis, Assistant Cook Girton Newnham 7-Aug-19 1-Dec-19
MOIR Miss Ethel, Orderly London Unit 30-Aug-16 1-Feb-17 and 20-Feb-18 15-Jan-19 
MOIR Miss Ida, Orderly Girton Newnham 30-May-16 1-Oct-16 and 23-Feb-17 1-May-18
MOIR Miss Margaret, Orderly Royaumont 1-Feb-15 1-Aug-15
MONFRIES Miss Helen, Chauffeur London Unit 30-Aug-16 1-Nov-16
MONTGOMERY Miss Catherine, Orderly Girton Newnham 7-Sep-18 15-Aug-19
MOOR Miss Marjorie, Orderly Royaumont 13-Dec-16 12-Sep-17
MOORE Miss Evelyn Merch, Chauffeur Royaumont 3-May-18 6-Nov-18
MOORHOUSE Miss Lily Ethel Bruce, Nurse Ajaccio, Corsica Dec-15 27-May-16
MORGAN Miss Alice Caroline, Nurse America Unit 4-Aug-16 1-Oct-17
MORGAN Miss A. M., Nurse Calais Contingent 01-Nov-14 Apr-15
MORGAN Miss Alice Mary, Nurse Girton Newnham 8-Jun-15 1-Oct-15
MORGAN Miss Dorothy Carey, Orderly Royaumont 1-Aug-15 1-Jan-18
MORGAN Miss Hannah Jamieson, Nurse Royaumont 27-Jul-16 28-Jul-17
MORLEY Miss Beatrice, Nurse Ajaccio, Corsica 31-May-16 Nov-16
MORLEY Miss Beatrice, Nurse America Unit 11-Jul-19 1-Aug-19 and 01-Aug-19 17-Oct-19 (Transferred to Belgrade for 2nd span of dates)
MORRIS Miss Elizabeth Scott, Orderly Sallanches 4-Jun-18 6-Dec-18
MORRIS Miss Gladys Edith, Secretary London Unit 2-Mar-18 6-Feb-19
MORRIS Miss Janetta P., Nurse Valjevo 11-Sep-15 15-Nov-15
MORRIS Miss Janetta P., Nurse America Unit 4-Aug-16 1-Oct-17
MORRIS Miss Martha Elizabeth Rose, Nurse Royaumont 25-Aug-17 1-Apr-18
MORRISON Miss Lizzie Mill, Orderly America Unit 4-Aug-16 1-May-17
MORRISON Miss Mary, Cook Royaumont 1-Feb-15 14-Jul-15
MORRISON Miss Sara P., Orderly Valjevo 1-Apr-15 24-Sep-15
MORRISON Miss Sara Payne, Orderly America Unit 4-Aug-16 1-Jul-17
MORTIMER Miss Florence Edith, Nurse Kraguievatz 1-Jul-15 12-Feb-16
MORTON Miss Eve, Orderly America Unit 22-Aug-16 1-Jan-17
MOSCROP Mrs Elizabeth, Night Superintendent Girton Newnham 16-May-17 30-Dec-17 and 1-Jul-18 1-Aug-18
MOYES Miss Mina Young, Masseuse Girton Newnham 6-Nov-18 24-Oct-19
MUNCASTER Dr Anna Lilian, Doctor America Unit 4-Aug-16 1-May-18
MUNDIE Miss Christine Gordon, Nurse London Unit 30-Aug-16 1-Oct-17
MUNN Miss Margaret, Chauffeur America Unit 1-Dec-17 1-Jun-18
MUNN Miss Margaret, Chef de Garage and Orderly Girton Newnham 1-Oct-19 ( Still out at time of list)
MURDOCH Miss Anna S., Orderly Royaumont 13-Dec-16 28-Jul-17
MURDOCH Miss Bessie Bannerman, Nurse America Unit 17-Sep-18 2-Sep-19
MURDOCH Miss Elizabeth, Nurse Ajaccio, Corsica Dec-15 27-Apr-16
MURDOCH Miss Isabella Macphail, Orderly Girton Newnham 17-May-15 1-Oct-15
MURPHY Miss Agnes Maud, Orderly London Unit 30-Aug-16 24-Nov-17 and 20-Feb-18 4-Dec-18
MURPHY Miss Clare Mary Louise, Chauffeur London Unit 30-Aug-16 1-Mar-17
MURPHY Miss Georgina, Chauffeur America Unit 28-Sep-18 1-Mar-19
MURPHY Miss Lilian, Nurse Calais Contingent 01-Nov-14 01-Apr-15
MURRAY Miss Helen Margaret, Cook Royaumont 25-May-15 28-May-16
MURRAY Miss Jessie Cameron, Orderly Royaumont 12-Feb-16 1-Mar-19
MURRAY Miss Joan Collin Hay, Orderly America Unit 7-Oct-16 1-Feb-17
MURRAY Miss Margaret Elizabeth, Chauffeur Royaumont 8-Jun-17 7-Nov-18

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