OCTOBER 1st – 31st 1918

Sick Sisters 199
Monthly return: Forwarded to DGMS monthly return of wastage of British Nurses during September which showed a shortage of 627 Trained Nurses and a surplus of 63 Nursing VAD members.
Accommodation 10 Canadian Stationary Hospital: Memo to DMS, L of C with regard to the question of hutted accommodation for the Nursing Sisters of this Unit. The number of Sisters at present employed is 33, and War Office establishment is 27 including a Matron. 29 Sisters and 1 Matron CAMC arrived in France with this Unit, and as this Hospital now has 50 beds set apart for nursing members of the QMAAC, for these reasons a staff of 34 is required. At present there is only accommodation for 27, there being 14 rooms; the Matron having no sitting room. If the establishment were increased to 34, 5 additional rooms would be required. This increase of Staff is strongly recommended.
Sister M. S. Barwell QAIMNSR: Forwarded and recommended to DGMS application from this lady for duty on a Hospital Ship going East. She has already served on a Hospital Ship as A/Matron.
Harvard Unit: Forwarded and recommended to DGMS application from the Harvard Unit, 22 General Hospital, for 11 Staff Nurses to be promoted to the rank of A/Sister.
To the office: Lady Gifford, Lady Superintendent of the Hardelot Convalescent Home, to discuss the approaching move of the Home to the South of France on October 15th.

Sick Sisters 191
Anaesthetists: Received memo from DMS, L of C approving of instructions to be issued to Officers Commanding Units when a trained Anaesthetic Sister is being reposted for duty. Circulated instructions to this effect.
N/Sister Trottier, CAMC: Forwarded to DMS, L of C statement from Principal Matron Canadians with reference to Sister Trottier’s application for leave to St. Jean de Luz. This application was submitted on 9.6.18 and refused on 14.6.18 as it was not thought advisable to grant leave in France for a journey of this length on account of the difficulty of transport owing to the Military situation. It is usual when an application for leave has been refused, for it to be re-submitted from the Unit at a later date. It is proposed to post this Sister to 3 Canadian General Hospital in order that she may come for an interview.
VADs at No.1 General Hospital, USA: Forwarded to DMS, L of C statement in reply to DGMS as to the employment of Nursing VAD members at No.11 General Hospital USA. When this Hospital was taken over by the Americans, these four ladies were retained purely as a temporary measure, to help with the smooth running of the Unit. It is not customary in our Units to post Nursing VADs solely for domestic duties, these duties are shared by the whole of the Nursing Staff. It would appear from the average number of patients that one cook for this hospital should be sufficient.

Sick Sisters 203
Received memo from DGMS forwarding copy of ACI 1050 of 1918 relating to promotion of Special Probationers and Nursing VAD members to the grade of Assistant Nurse. This promotion will not be given to those members resigning on completion of the qualifying service, but should they re-join at a later date they will then be posted as a VAD Assistant Nurse. Forwarded to DGMS return of approximate numbers of Nursing personnel in the BEF for the month ending 30.9.18.
A/Principal Matrons Army Areas: To DGMS for his consideration, application for the appointment of an A/Principal Matron to each Army. These ladies would be appointed as A/Matrons of the Stationary Hospitals in the Army concerned. Miss Hartigan RRC, QAIMNS has acted in this capacity at St. Omer before it became part of the 2nd Army and has continued doing so, and the arrangement has proved satisfactory. It would be an advantage if a suitable member of the Regular Service could be selected to act in this capacity in each Army. She would be able to deal with the official correspondence and therefore relieve the DMS of a certain amount of routine work in connection with the Nursing Staff. These appointments would not in any way cause additional expense to the public. Copy of instructions attached which it is proposed sending to the DMS of the Armies for the guidance of the Principal Matrons.
Miss V. E. G. Salomons VAD: Memo to DGMS with regard to the leave granted to this lady. She has only been on duty for 7 weeks since 5.6.18, and it would appear that she is not equal to the work of Active Service conditions and what is expected of a nursing member of the BEF.
Monthly Return: Forwarded to DGMS and DAG 3rd Echelon monthly return showing number of Trained Nurses, VAD members, Assistant Nurses, Special Probationers, General Service VADs working in Military Hospitals and BRCS Units on Sept. 30th 1918.
Coloured patients: Telephonic enquiries made from the DGMS with reference to nursing of coloured American Troops in our hospitals, whether it was thought that there would be any feeling at all on the matter of Sisters undertaking to nurse them. Replied that it was not thought that there would be the slightest objection to this. It was known that at various times there had been a number of coloured patients, BWI etc. and they were nursed with the other patients and treated similarly.

Sick Sisters 201
Accommodation at No.10 Canadian Stationary Hospital: Our memo to DMS, L of C with regard to this matter, returned, as it is understood that we no longer desire to press this question.
War Diary: Forwarded to DAG, GHQ 3rd Echelon, Matron-in-Chief’s War Diary for the month of September 1918. Certificate to DMS, L of C to this effect. Forwarded to Officer in Charge RAMC Records, Woking, duplicate copy of Matron-in-Chief’s War Diary for the month of July 1918.
Principal Matron E. B. Ridley CAMC: Received notification from DMS, L of C that this lady had been granted extension of leave on private affairs to 29.9.18.
CAMC: Forwarded to DMS, L of C for approval and transmission to DGMS request for authority for a member of the CAMC to be appointed as Assistant to the Principal Matron Canadians. This will enable her to carry out the work more efficiently, and she would be at Headquarters to interview members of the Canadian Nursing Service during the absence of the Principal Matron. No reinforcements would be required, as there is a Sister in France available for this duty.
Anaesthetist: Received wire from DMS 2nd Army asking that Sister A. Jones TFNS might return to 62 CCS as Anaesthetist on discharge from hospital.
Resignation: Forwarded and recommended to DGMS application from Sister I. M. Johnston QAIMNS to resign on account of forthcoming marriage. Also a request for one months’ leave to be granted as during her tour of 4 years in Egypt and the Soudan she lost several months leave owing to the outbreak of War.
Special Leave: Forwarded memo to AAG, asking if special leave on account of the dangerous illness of a relative might be granted within 4 months from date of return from last leave if given out of the daily allotment, without reference to his office.
AANS: Miss Miles Walker, Matron AANS called at the office on her way to England. She and her staff from No.5 Stationary Hospital had been recalled for duty. This Unit has again been taken over and staffed by Imperial Nursing Sisters.
Captain Warre, owner of the Roquebrune Convalescent Home for Sisters, came to the office to discuss matters in connection with the reopening of the Convalescent Home.

Sick Sisters 195
CAMC: Memo to DMS, L of C for information and transmission to DGMS, asking how the matter now stands with regard to the channel of correspondence of the Canadian Nursing Service.
Reinforcements: Notified Matron-in-Chief, War Office, and Command Paymaster of arrival on 3.10.18 of 7 VAD members, with postings and dates of joining Army Service.
VAD Efficiency Stripe: Received War Office letter asking that enquiries be made regarding the Efficiency Stripe certificates of Miss E. Herd and Miss A. S. Johnston, VAD members, late of the Etaples Area, now in England.

Sick Sisters 204
USANC: Notified DGMS of the departure of 20 members of No.16 General Hospital for duty with No.8 Mobile Hospital, American Expeditionary Force, who are struck off our strength accordingly.
SAMNS Reinforcements: Notified DGMS of the arrival for duty with No.1 South African General Hospital of 2 Sisters, 4 Staff Nurses of the SAMNS.
Miss M. McCarthy VAD: War Office letter received regarding this lady’s application to be permitted to transfer to the WRAF. If she forwards her resignation, it will be accepted for this purpose.
Transfer to Italy: Received memo from DGMS to the effect that the War Office has intimated that it is not proposed to consider applications from Masseuses to transfer from France to Italy. Miss Porter’s application cannot be accepted.
Uniform of Assistant Nurse VADs: Reported to DGMS in further answer to his enquiry with reference to the uniform of Assistant Nurse VAD members, that enquiries have been made and it is ascertained that no instructions have been issued from and Area for any change to be made in their uniform, and ACI 214 of 1918 has been strictly adhered to.
Reinforcements: Received War Office wire authorising the embarkation of 28 Nurses on 1st and 6 for No.1 South African General Hospital on 4th, also stating that the remainder notified to arrive on 3rd and 4th will not embark until further notice.

Sick Sisters 202
AANS Promotions: Received notification from the Matron-in-Chief AIF that the following members of the AANS have been promoted to the rank of Sister from 1st October 1918: S/Nurse A. E. MacIntyre, S/Nurse L. M. Burke and S/Nurse N. Stephenson. The vacancies for Staff Nurses caused by these promotions will be filled at a later date.
S/Nurse E. E. Bray QAIMNSR: War Office letter received notifying that the retention in the Service after marriage of this lady is approved. Unless a personal interview is desired, members of the Nursing Service should be instructed to report in writing to the War Office, not in person.
Convalescent Homes: Received notification from DMS, L of C that intimation had been received from the Commissioner BRCS that the Hardelot Convalescent Home for Sisters would close on October 17th. Administrative Medical Officers had been notified accordingly. The Home at Cannes will be open on November 1st 1918.
Sister M. Anderson QAIMNSR: War Office letter received stating that as this lady is a South African, it will not be possible to accept her resignation until 20 days after embarkation for South Africa. A passage will be arranged for her, and authority is hereby given for her to proceed to the United Kingdom, and struck off the strength of the BEF.

Sick Sisters: 191
Mrs. Chesmond SAMNS Probationer: Returned application from this lady (née Markus) to reside in Abbeville at No.1 South African General Hospital, to the AAG. As this lady’s husband is stationed at Abbeville and it is inconvenient, for military reasons, to move him, AAG requests that Mrs. Chesmond should be transferred from the Abbeville Area. Sent orders for her to join No.7 Stationary Hospital. Memo to DMS, L of C to this effect, and attached correspondence for his information and transmission to AAG asking what further steps should be taken, as this lady is a South African Military Probationer and embarked for France in order to serve with No.1 South African General Hospital.
Miss E. M. Haynes VAD: Forwarded to DGMS application to resign as soon as possible, from this lady, as she had promised her cousin that when her husband died she would go and live with her, and this had just occurred.
General Carr, DMS, L of C came to the office to sign recommendations for Honours and Mentions for the New Year’s Honours List. Total submitted for decoration: CBE – 5, OBE – 5, MBE – 4, Bar to RRC – 5, RRC – 41, ARRC – 173. Mention – 289.

Sick Sisters 191
S/Nurse F. Marsh AANS: Received intimation from Matron-in-Chief, AIF that this lady’s application for transfer to Australia has been approved. No guarantee can be given that this lady will again be sent forward for Active Service. Notification will be sent when a vacancy occurs on an outgoing Ambulance Carrier.
Miss M. McCarthy VAD: Received War Office letter cancelling previous correspondence with regard to this lady. It will be necessary for her to resign her appointment in the Voluntary Aid Detachment to which she belongs before seeking for an appointment in the WRAF. It is noted that this lady’s contract does not terminate until 9.12.18.
Miss Hartigan RRC, QAIMNS: Received wire from DGMS regarding this lady, who is required for duty in Northern Russia if willing. She should return to the United Kingdom at once and report to the Matron-in-Chief at the War Office. Report action taken. Wired DMS, L of C that Miss Hartigan was willing, and was crossing by the first boat on 10th.
Harvard Unit: Forwarded and recommended to DGMS application from 22 General Hospital for an additional 10 Nursing Sisters.
12 General Hospital USA: Forwarded to DMS, L of C for transmission to DDMS Rouen, application from 12 General Hospital for allowances to be claimed for Miss Dilla, Red Cross Worker as are claimed for Miss McCabe, Red Cross Worker, suggesting that it would simplify matters if this lady were absorbed into the staff of 12 General Hospital.
Scottish Nurses: Received from DMS, L of C for information, copy of letter from St. Andrew’s Society asking for approximate numbers of Scottish Soldiers and Nurses in various Areas in France in order that flags may be sent to each for St. Andrew’s Day.
Battle of Cambrai: Received from DMS 1st Army expression of appreciation for the efficient manner in which the medical arrangements had been carried out for the Battle of Cambrai, and the endurance, skill and courage of all ranks of the Medical Services.

Sick Sisters 195
Reinforcements: Received War Office letter shewing number of reinforcements and returns from sick leave of members of the Nursing Services during the month of September. Reinforcements = 101. Returns from sick leave = 25. Sent return to DGMS shewing No. of reinforcements who have actually arrived and also the number of N/Sisters who have returned from sick leave during the month of September. Reinforcements = 140. Returns from sick leave = 25.
S/Nurse L. MacLaren, QAIMNSR: Received War Office letter stating that the reasons given for the resignation of S/Nurse L. MacLaren, QAIMNSR are not considered adequate, and she should be informed that if she persists in her intention she forfeits her claim to gratuity. If her resignation is withdrawn, adjustment of additional pay should be made forthwith, if not no issues should be made, and no re-fund will then be required.
Leave to Canada: Forwarded and recommended to DGMS application from Miss C. E. Whittle, VAD to withdraw her request for special leave to Canada, as her mother’s health now better.
Reinforcements: Received War Office letter authorising the embarkation of 15 members of the TFNS on the 15th instant as reinforcements. In reply to memo received from DMS, L of C that reinforcements originally intended for France would not arrive until further notice, sent urgent memo pointing out that 33 Australian Sisters had recently been withdrawn from British Units for service in the United Kingdom, 121 Americans of Groups A and B had been transferred to Imperial Hospitals staffed by American personnel, and 35 members of the CAMC who were to be lent to British Units had not yet arrived.
Dietitians: Sent memo to DMS, L of C on the subject of Dietitians. Pointed out that they had now been working about 4 months on probation, and the need is being felt for their duties to be more definite, and their position more clearly recognised, and that they should be given more definite authority. Gave a list of suggested duties, and attached a summary of duties which it is suggested should be given to the Dietitians themselves.
Trouville Area: Forwarded to DMS, L of C in accordance with his request for the present strength of the Nursing Staff at Nos.72, 73, and 74 General Hospitals by Matrons, Sisters and VADs and totals, the following information:- Strength of No.72 General Hospital = Total 117: No.73 General Hospital = 123: No.74 General Hospital = 104. These Hospitals have been up to strength, but are now reduced owing to 18 members of the Australian Army Nursing Service being recalled for duty in England, and also to the Staff of the Liverpool Merchants’ Hospital rejoining their own Unit. It is not possible to increase these staffs until further reinforcements arrive from England.

Sick Sisters 194
Mrs. Chesmond, SAMNS: Received memo from DMS, L of C forwarding copy of correspondence sent to DGMS by him in connection with Mrs. Chesmond, Special Probationer, SAMNS. As a temporary measure this lady has been posted to No.7 Stationary Hospital, but as she embarked for France in order to serve with No.1 South African General Hospital, may authority be obtained for her to be posted to a Unit in the United Kingdom.
A/Sister McLeod, QAIMNSR: Forwarded to DGMS correspondence in connection with Miss McLeod, QAIMNSR asking what action should be taken. This lady was granted 3 months’ leave without pay from 27.6.18 to 26.9.18, and after her return to France received a War Office letter forwarded from her Home instructing her to join a Home Station for duty.
CAMC Transfer: Forwarded to DGMS memo with reference to N/Sister Annie Macdonald, CAMC who, after the list of CAMC N/Sisters recommended for transfer to England in October had been submitted, sent in an urgent request to be transferred for Home Service, as her father had just died. Asked that this might be considered as a special case.

Sick Sisters 194
Miss H. Hartigan, QAIMNS: Reported to DMS, L of C departure to England on 10.10.18 of Miss H. Hartigan, QAIMNS who has been recalled for duty in Northern Russia.
Sister S. Hilling, QAIMNSR: Wired Matron-in-Chief, War Office, and reported DGMS that Sister Sophie Hilling, QAIMNSR was on the “Dangerously Ill” list with Pneumonia.
S/Nurse B. Weir, AANS: Sent memo to DGMS reporting that the ADMS Abbeville stated that the OC No.3 Australian General Hospital did not consider S/Nurse B. Weir, AANS fit for service in France. In accordance with the request of the DMS, AIF this lady proceeded to the United Kingdom to report in person to the Matron-in-Chief, AIF and was accompanied by her Medical Case Sheet.

Sick Sisters 190
Sister S. Hilling, QAIMNSR: Wired Matron-in-Chief, War Office, and reported to DGMS that Sister S. Hilling, QAIMNSR reported on the “Dangerously Ill” list yesterday, died at 10.30 p.m.
Miss S. V. Barrrett, VAD: Matron of No.2 Stationary Hospital telephoned to say that she had heard from No.6 General Hospital that Nurse Sophia V. Barrett, VAD, SJAB, was drowned off Holyhead when crossing on the “Leinster”. Said that she would be much regretted by the whole staff.
Hospital Ship “Wandilla”: Reported to DGMS with reference to copies of War Office wires forwarded by him, that the instructions contained in these wires in connection with the moves of the Nursing Staff on the Hospital Ship “Wandilla” had been carried out. Gave details of postings.
Miss Stimson, USANC: Received from Miss Stimson, USANC, Chief Nurse American Red Cross, copy of her report on her visit with the Matron-in-Chief to the BEF from September 20th to 27th.

Sick Sisters 180
Miss M. M. Bowden Smith, VAD: Forwarded to DGMS correspondence in connection with Miss Bowden Smith, VAD member, who applied on 16.9.18 to be allowed to resign her appointment on termination of contract in order to take up work needing older women. On 6.10.18 she applied to withdraw her resignation as she surmised that the war would soon be over. In view of preceding correspondence in connection with this lady, asked to be informed what action might be taken.
Anaesthetists: Forwarded to DGMS through DMS, L of C list of names of members of the Nursing Services who have completed their course of training in the administration of Anaesthetics, and who are certified as competent to act as Anaesthetists. Enclosed forms of certificates and reports on these ladies. Total number = 50 (35 Imperial N/Sisters and 15 Overseas members).
Resignation: Forwarded and recommended to DGMS urgent request form S/Nurse H. Wood, TFNS that her application to resign forwarded on the 10th might be approved, as she wishes to be married, and her fiancé is under orders to return to France sooner than was expected. This lady’s contract does not expire until December 9th.
Sister E. Griffin, TFNS: Forwarded to Matron-in-Chief, TFNS request from Sister E. Griffin, TFNS for a new badge, to replace hers which she has lost.
Leave without pay: Forwarded and recommended to DGMS for consideration, application received from S/Nurse T. Leech, QAIMNSR for 3 months’ leave without pay, as her fiancé is to undergo a very serious operation, and she wishes to nurse him. This lady has served in France since 1.11.17, and has always had very good reports. Asked if a relief might be supplied.
Sister K. Jeffery, QAIMNSR: Wired Matron-in-Chief, War Office and reported to DGMS that Sister K. Jeffery, QAIMNSR was on the “Dangerously Ill” list with Pleurisy.

Sick Sisters 198
Circular to CCS: Circulated to Sisters in charge of all Casualty Clearing Stations in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Armies instructions with regard to the Nursing Staff of Casualty Clearing Stations closed temporarily or otherwise. Only Team Sisters and lady Anaesthetists should be permitted to proceed for duty elsewhere, in the same manner as when the Unit is working. The Sister in charge of the Unit and the Sister in charge of the Operating Theatre are not to be included in the personnel of a surgical Team.
S/Nurse M. Thomas, TFNS: Sent memo to DDMS Havre in connection with application received from S/Nurse M. Thomas, TFNS to resign from the Territorial Force Nursing Service on account of not having been promoted after four years’ service. Up to the present time Miss Thomas has not been recommended for promotion, but owing to the excellent nature of the confidential reports accompanying her application, her name will be among the next to be forwarded when vacancies occur.
Trouville Area: Notified all Matrons in the Trouville Area that permission is given to members of the Nursing Services stationed in their Hospitals to stay the night preceding their whole day off duty at HRH Princess Victoria’s Rest Club for Nurses. Should any member wish to avail herself of this permission, application should be made to the A/Principal Matron who will give the necessary permission.
Anaesthetists: With reference to correspondence received from DMS, L of C in connection with Sister Gregory, ANCUSA whom the officer Commanding No.11 Stationary Hospital requested should be recognised as an Anaesthetist, replied that it would seem advantageous if the services of this lady as such could be utilised when necessary. As there are a certain number of members both of the ANCUSA and CAMC who qualified as Anaesthetists in their own country before joining the BEF enclosed memo to DGMS for DMS approval asking whether similar certificates could be issued to Officers Commanding Units in the case of these ladies as are issued to those trained in this country provided their capabilities have been tested by a competent Anaesthetist.
N/Sister F. Trottier, CAMC: Returned to DMS, L of C correspondence in connection with N/Sister F. Trottier, CAMC enclosing a letter of apology from this lady. Leave is being arranged for her at one of the Rest Homes, and later in the year effort will be made to send her on ordinary leave to the South of France with a friend.
Miss Lytle, VAD: Sent memo to DGMS with reference to Miss Lytle, VAD who reported that while on sick leave in Ireland she received on August 8th a renewal of contract form from the War Office. As she had no definite instructions she reported to the War Office on 3.9.18 when she was given orders to proceed to France forthwith. No warrant was issued from Belfast to London. Asked that the necessary authority might be obtained from the War Office in order that the Command Paymaster might be able to adjust her claims.
Mrs. Hagar, (Harvard Unit): Received instructions from DMS, L of C to send Matron Hagar to England to take 12 Nurses arriving for 22 General Hospital back to that Unit. As the A/Principal Matron, Etaples, reported that Matron Hagar was suffering from a bad cold, instructed Sister Fraser of this Unit to proceed in relief. Reported action taken to DGMS also to DMS, L of C and asked when necessity arose, if a suitable Sister from No.22 General Hospital might be deputed by Mrs. Hagar to replace her when parties of Nurses for No.22 General Hospital were requiring to be conducted from England to this country for duty.

Sick Sisters 200
Dr. E. M. Lytle, RAMC: DDMS Rouen reported that Dr. E. M. Lytle, RAMC had arrived at No.25 Stationary Hospital for Pathological work, and that she had become an honorary member of the Sisters’ Mess. Returned correspondence with a note to the effect that it was a very good arrangement.
Almeric Paget Corps: Received War Office letter authorising the embarkation at an early date of 6 members of the Almeric Paget Military Massage Corps for service in France.
Convalescent Homes in South: Sent memo to DADRT South in reply to his minute in connection with Trains for numbers of Sisters travelling South to Convalescent Homes at Cannes and Mentone, stating that Sisters should proceed direct, as was the case last year, and that in every instance where leave was granted instructions would be issued to the effect that all would return direct to their Units with as little delay as possible. An average of 6 or 8 to travel daily, except on Saturdays. Forwarded all correspondence to the DMS, L of C asking that amendments to circular we had issued should be circulated with regard to (1) Different times of Trains (2) Stations at which Sisters were to detrain.

Sick Sisters 185
Miss Graves and Miss Peterkin, VADs: Received War Office letter approving the appointment of VAD members Miss M. Graves and Miss K. M. Peterkin for duty in Military Hospitals on the understanding that they would be required to return to England and serve in a Home Station, as it is observed that they have already served abroad 2 ½ years and 1 ½ years respectively. Forwarded correspondence to Principal Commandant, VADs asking to be informed whether under these conditions these ladies would still be desirous of transferring.
Resignation: Received notification that the resignation of Miss Urmson, Special Probationer, had been accepted, and that this lady was to apply for enrolment as a candidate for the QAIMNS. Requested recommendation form the CO and Matron of No.20 General Hospital under whom Miss Urmson had served.
Reinforcements: Received War Office letter authorising the embarkation of 15 members of the TFNS on October 7th, 1918 for duty in France.
Transfer: Forwarded and recommended to DGMS application from Miss J. H. Watt, VAD to be transferred to No.4 Scottish General Hospital, Glasgow for duty, in order to be near her mother who is a widow and alone.

Sick Sisters 193
Resignation: Received War Office letter accepting the resignation of Mrs. S. M. Davies, VAD who is on 1 month’s leave in the United Kingdom. This lady must refund a proportionate amount of service pay. £2.10 if this pay has been drawn for over a year, £5.0 if for less than a year.
Reinforcements: Reported to DGMS that 6 Staff Nurses of the QAIMNSR arrived in France as reinforcements on 15.10.18. No authority has yet been received for their arrival. Reported to DGMS that 14 members of the TFNS reported their arrival as reinforcements on 15.10.18. S/Nurse E. Mundy, TFNS, did not arrive.
American Nursing Service: Received correspondence from DDMS Havre, quoting authority from the office of the AG American Expeditionary Force with reference to 28 Nurses who recently arrived as reinforcements to No.1 General (Presbyterian) General Hospital, which stated that these 28 Nurses were sent as reinforcements at the request of the British Authorities to replace a like number of Nurses withdrawn for duty with the AEF, and suggested that the British Authorities should be approached relative to the proper distribution, and their office advised. Forwarded correspondence to DGMS through DMS, L of C notifying that these 28 Nurses were being posted to British Units in the Rouen and Treport Areas.
War news: Learnt that Lille, Ostende, and Zeebrugge had been taken by the Allies. The town of Boulogne decorated with flags.

Sick Sisters 194
Marriage: Received War Office letter granting permission to be married to S/Nurse F. A. Tucknott, QAIMNSR and approving her retention in the Service after marriage, but notifying that she would be transferred to the Home Establishment as it is noted that her husband is serving in France.

Sick Sisters 211
Reinforcements: Received War Office letter authorising the embarkation of 7 S/Nurses of QAIMNSR on the 15th instant on first appointment, for duty in France.
Army Ordnance Dept: Returned to DMS, L of C correspondence on the subject of the purchase of articles of clothing, etc., from the Ordnance by member of the Nursing Services. The DGMS had asked whether the privilege granted to Officers of the QMAAC should be extended to British Nurses serving in recognised Hospitals. Replied that British Trained Nurses had always had this privilege and drawn on repayment such articles as Gum Boots, etc., but that it would be much appreciated if this same privilege could be extended to Nursing VAD members in Military Hospitals.
VAD members: Sent circular to all A/Principal Matrons and Matrons at smaller Bases with regard to Nursing VAD members employed as assistants to Home Sisters, impressing upon them that every VAD on the staff must take her turn of duty in the Mess, for a period of not longer than 2 months. Those who prefer this duty to being in the wards, should sign a statement to that effect.
Duty in Fractured Femur Wards: Sent memo to DMS, L of C requesting that application might be made that the ruling of para.2 of the ACI referred to in War Office Letter 24/Gen:No/6262/AMD4 of 21st January may be modified as regards members of the Nursing Staff. Would like to suggest that no member should be retained in Fractured Femur wards for a longer period than 6 months. The work is of a trying nature to Trained Nurses, and is especially so for VAD members. For this reason it is considered very desirable, particularly in respect of VAD members, that more frequent changes should take place in the Nursing Staff in these special departments. If this arrangement is permitted all suitable VAD members in the Unit would become equally efficient in this branch of work.
Accommodation for Nursing Staff at Trouville: With reference to minute received from DMS, L of C with regard to the question of accommodation for the Staff at Hospitals in the Trouville Area, replied that the War Establishment for Hospitals of 2500 beds is 125 when the Nursing Staff is composed of Trained Nurses only, but with the VADs on the Staff the authorised establishment is 146. Unless these Units continue to take in heavy battle casualties the staff of 125 should be sufficient for the welfare of the sick and wounded, the extra accommodation should be provided for Dietitians, Anaesthetists, and Masseuses, should it be considered necessary to have members employed on these special duties in this Area.
N/Sister M. Stewart, CAMC: Forwarded to DGMS through DMS, L of C memo received from OC No.1 Canadian CCS asking that he might be informed if N/Sister Mary Stewart, CAMC was qualified as an Anaesthetist. Stated that this lady was not one of the lady Anaesthetists trained in the BEF, but that the Principal Matron, Canadians, informs me that she is a qualified Anaesthetist with years of experience in the giving of Anaesthesia. Asked for permission to certify her as being qualified, and to be informed what action should be taken in any similar cases which might arise.
Anaesthetists: Sent circular to all Bases with reference to the question of Sisters appointed to a Unit for duty as lady Anaesthetists, asking A/Principal Matrons once again to call attention to Matrons of Hospitals to the fact that these Nurses are to be as all other members of the Nursing Services under the control of the Matron.

Sick Sisters 226
Sister S. Hilling QAIMNSR: Forwarded to DGMS copy of letter received from the Matron of No.72 General Hospital referring to the death of Sister Hilling, QAIMNSR, recently Home Sister at that Unit, asking if it might be passed to the War Office in order that arrangements might be made for Mrs. Hilling to receive the ARRC which had been awarded to her daughter on 25.10.17 while serving on the Home Establishment.
S/Nurse E. Stokes, QAIMNSR: Forwarded to DGMS correspondence received from the ADMS Marseilles with reference to S/Nurse E. Stokes, QAIMNSR who returned to France without authority from the War Office, after having applied for extension of leave while in the United Kingdom. When at Marseilles this lady received a communication from the War Office to the effect that she was to be posted to the Home Establishment for duty. ADMS Marseilles instructed her to return to her Home. On receipt of this correspondence notified DDMS Havre, asking him to give this lady instructions to reporting person to the Matron-in-Chief, War Office.
Ration scheme: Returned to DMS, L of C correspondence in connection with the suggested new system of rationing for Nursing Sisters, replying that having again gone very carefully into the matter it was requested that the present system of rationing, which was specially granted by the War Office, might be allowed to stand, it has proved to be most admirable in every respect, and it is felt that if the suggested new system is enforced, it would be greatly to the disadvantage of the Nursing Staff. They would not then be able to obtain the additional necessary comforts which they are at present able to enjoy, and which are necessary for their well-being: moreover there would be waste.
Accommodation at No.10 Canadian Stationary Hospital: Received communication from DMS, L of C on the subject of the accommodation of Nursing Sisters at No.10 Canadian Stationary Hospital. The Nursing Staff are in hutted accommodation, with the exception of those who are at present in a ward set aside for the treatment of QMAACs. Suggested that the situation is satisfactory in that none are under canvas.

Sick Sisters 249
American Nursing Service: Forwarded to DMS, L of C correspondence received from the OC No.12 General Hospital, on the subject of the evacuation of sick American Nurses, which he had referred to the Chief Surgeon, AEF, who ruled that Nurses too ill to travel on ordinary trains with or without attendance, should not be sent to Paris, but should be transferred by ordinary British evacuation routes.
General Service VAD Section: Forwarded to DMS, L of C correspondence received from the Principal Commandant, VADs, on the subject of the transfer of General Service VAD members to the Nursing Section, and asked that confidential reports should be forwarded by the Matron of the Hospital in each case. 8 General Service VAD members are now applying. Asked DMS, L of C for a ruling.
R/Nurse R. Idle, USANC: Wired Chief Nurse, AEF that R/Nurse R. Idle, USANC was dangerously ill with Influenza.
Miss C. M. Richards, QAIMNS: Received wire from the Matron-in-Chief, War Office, asking on what date Miss C. M. Richards, QAIMNS could be sent to the Convalescent Home in the South of France. Replied on any date, and via Boulogne, in order that she may be met.

Sick Sisters 237
Promotions: Received War Office letter requesting that the recommendations for promotion of 5 Staff Nurses of the TFNS whose names had been submitted from this office should be forwarded. DGMS stated that the War Office had been informed that confidential reports on these ladies were forwarded to the War Office on September 19th, 1918.
Camp Kit for American Nurses: Forwarded to DMS, L of C for transmission to the DGMS copy of a wire despatched on the 21st inst. asking that Kit for American Nurses might be expedited. Requested that this question might be treated as an urgent one, as up to the present these ladies had been accommodated under great difficulties.

Sick Sisters 239
Reinforcements: Received War Office letter on the subject of reinforcements for the BEF notifying that it was impossible at the present time to meet the demands. 66 reinforcements will have been sent to France by the 22nd instant, these have been withdrawn with very great difficulty from the Military Hospitals at Home, where the work is also excessive.
Promotion: Asked DGMS whether a copy of WO letter, CW2/Reserve/H651AMD4 of May 13th referring to the question of promotion might be supplied to this office.

Sick Sisters 247
Extension of leave: Received War Office letter in respect of extension of leave to members of the Nursing Service, stating that it was invariably the custom of the War Office to make searching enquiries as to the reason for each application for extension of leave, extensions only being granted when the circumstances justified the procedure, or when Medical Certificates were forwarded. The War Office requests that specified instances may be quoted when extension has been granted for trivial reasons, so that these cases may be investigated, and the reasons for members misrepresenting their cases may be looked into.
Pay: Received copy of ACI 1128 of October 11th, 1918, on the subject of additional pay for Matrons and Assistant Matrons, QAIMNSR and TFNS who are serving in War Hospitals.
General Service VAD members: Received ruling from DMS, L of C with regard to the subject of confidential reports for General Service VAD members resigning at the end of their year’s contract, and requesting to be transferred to the Nursing Section. There is no objection to Matrons giving the reports asked for in these special cases.
Reinforcements: Received War Office letter authorising the embarkation of 5 members of the TFNS – Staff Nurses – and 2 VAD members on the 22nd. Reported to DGMS arrival on the 22nd instant of 3 Sisters and 12 Staff Nurses of the QAIMNSR, giving postings.
Sister M. Williams, CHR: Wired to Matron-in-Chief, War Office, and informed DGMS that Sister Mabel Williams, CHR was dangerously ill with Influenza.

Sick Sisters 256
Miss G. M. Platt VAD: Wired Matron-in-Chief, War Office and notified DGMS that Miss G. M. Platt, VAD was on the “Dangerously Ill” list with Influenza.
Miss Ridley, RRC: Received communication from Miss Macdonald, Matron-in-Chief, CEF on the subject of the transfer of Principal Matron Ridley from this office to the Canadian Section, GHQ 1st Echelon.
A/Sister M. S. Barwell CHR: Received War Office letter stating that the application for duty on a Hospital Ship proceeding East submitted by A/Sister M. S. Barwell, QAIMNSR, was under consideration.

Sick Sisters 277
Reinforcements: Received War Office letter authorising the embarkation of 41 reinforcements for duty in France on 22.10.18, 16 Reserve Nurses, 21 VAD members, 2 Assistant Nurses, and 2 VAD Assistant Nurses.
Trouville Area: DMS, L of C forwarded copy of minute sent by him to DDMS Trouville on the subject of accommodation for the Nursing Staff in that Area. 125 Nursing Sisters should be a sufficient staff, as it is not intended, owing to traffic difficulties, to send trains direct from the Front containing heavy battle casualties.
R/Nurse E. K. Longnecke, USANC: Wired Chief Nurse American Expeditionary Force and reported DGMS that R/Nurse E. K. Longnecke, USANC, was on the DI list with Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis.

Sick Sisters 280
VAD Reinforcements: Reported to DGMS that 16 VAD members, 2 Assistant Nurses (VAD) and 2 Special Military Probationers, arrived for duty in France on 22.10.18. Reported to DGMS that 4 VAD members arrived for duty in France as reinforcements on 24.10.18: Miss L. M. Vertu-Tebbs, who also reported on this date, was admitted to Hospital on arrival suffering from Influenza.
Almeric Paget Corps: Received War Office letter authorising the embarkation of 6 members of the Almeric Paget Corps for duty in France on 28th October, 1918.
Reinforcements: Reported to DGMS that 5 S/Nurses of the TFNS and 2 VAD members arrived for duty as reinforcements on October 22nd, 1918.
Sister A. M. Calver, TFNS: In reply to a request received from the Command Paymaster for information regarding the claims of Sister A. M. Calver, TFNS, stated: (1) that the periods of leave quoted in his memo had been checked and found correct (2) that this lady had been recalled to England on a matter of discipline (3) That she had herself elected to stay at the Hotel du Nord after refusing to comply with orders issued to her.
42 Stationary Hospital: Received instructions from DMS, L of C to supply a Nursing Staff for No.42 Stationary Hospital, which is opening at Charmes-sur-Moselle. Notification of their arrival to be sent to the ADMS Independent Force, RAF. This Unit is replacing No.8 Stationary Hospital, which is to be parked at Rouen.

Sick Sisters 301
Forwarded to DGMS memo received from Command Paymaster, Base, on the subject of Nurses transferring from the United Kingdom to the BEF, and whose last Pay Certificate shew them to be Poor Law Employees. The Command Paymaster asked to be furnished with a list of all such Nurses serving with the BEF irrespective of whether in receipt of extra pay or not, and shewing that they are permanent or temporary Poor Law Employees. Asked DGMS that the War Office might be asked to supply the information required, as it is not available in this office, no particulars being furnished of reinforcements drafted out to France except in the case of members of the TFNS.
Extensions of leave: In reply to War Office Letter requesting that specific instances be furnished when extensions of leave have been granted to the Nursing Service on trivial grounds, stated when the request was put forward from this office, it was not in any way intended to infer that the War Office did not carefully investigate each case, but as extensions of leave were getting numerous, and the shortage of Nurses was acutely felt, it was considered advisable to represent this question; that no such cases as were referred to had been furnished to this office in writing, but it is known that it has been frequently said by Nurses that they intend to apply for extension of leave when in England. There is a growing tendency among the Nursing Staff to desire long leave, and there is a general feeling that it can be easily obtained.
Marriage: Received War Office letter approving the marriage and retention in the Service of A/Sister R. Meggitt, QAIMNSR. This lady is to return to England as her husband is serving in France; the report on state of health forwarded with the correspondence does not appear to make her suitable for retention in the BEF.

Sick Sisters 291
Reinforcements: Received War Office letter notifying that Assistant Nurse Miss E. E. Clarke, and Miss C. Morrison, would be embarking at a later date than November 1st, on account of the Military Hospital, Woking, being isolated.
American Nursing Service Camp Kits: Received wire form Matron-in-Chief, War Office, to the effect that 128 Camp Kits for American Nurses were despatched on 26th September, and 68 on 8th October. These have not yet been received.

Sick Sisters 296
Transport of N/Sisters in Front Areas: Received from DMS, L of C for remarks, letter forwarded to DGMS by DMS 3rd Army on the subject of conveying Nursing Sisters to forward Areas; the difficulties of transport are very great, particularly during active operations. He suggested that the present Nurses’ Home, or a branch of it, should be installed as far forward as possible, having in view a place where there is a railway; Doullens is the nearest town in the 3rd Army; possibly Arras would be available in the 1st Army.
Reinforcements: Received from DMS, L of C copy of letter sent to the DGAMS, War Office, from the DGMS in France on the subject of the demand for Nurses to meet the requirements of this Command. He requests that at least 200 Trained Nurses shall be sent to France immediately, and another 200 despatched next month, in addition to those sent to make good the wastage from the 25th inst. to the end of the month. The DGMS wishes to make it quite clear that if reinforcements are not available, the responsibility for any untoward incidents arising from want of effective nursing will not be accepted by him.
SAMNS Probationers: Received War Office letter requesting that Mrs. A. Scott, and Mrs. Cheesmond, SAMNS Probationers, should be transferred to the South African Hospital, Richmond Park, Surrey, at an early date.
Harvard Unit: Received War Office letter stating that while Nurses are performing the work which would otherwise be done by Medical Officers, there is no objection to a corresponding increase in the Nursing Staff of No.22 Hospital.
Efficiency Stripe: Received War Office letter on the subject of the award of the scarlet Efficiency Stripe to Miss E. G. Johnson, VAD. This letter pointed out that Matron M. Kaberry, QAIMNS signed a certificate for the 2nd Efficiency Stripe for Miss Johnson when this lady had left the BEF and that the 2nd year had not elapsed since she had been awarded the 1st Stripe. This letter also rules that certificates and Efficiency Stripes are not to be signed by Matrons and sent to members after transfer who are not entitled to them at the time they leave the BEF.


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