PREVIOUS - MAY 1918 (Visits)



JUNE 1st – 30th 1918

Sick Sisters 196
Rest Club Trouville: A suitable house has been found for HRH Princess Victoria’s Rest Club for Nurses at Trouville, and we have been notified that this Club will be opened shortly.
Ambulance Trains: Received copy of War Office letter saying that it has been found advisable to re-consider the establishment for Ambulance Trains. It is proposed to revise it accordingly and it is asked what is the minimum number of medical officers, Nursing Sisters and other ranks considered necessary for the efficient administration of these units.
9th Corps: Received telephone message from GHQ asking if the nursing staff of 37 and 48 Casualty Clearing Stations who were in readiness for duty with the 9th Corps, had yet left. Replied that they were still in readiness and great relief was expressed, as the military situation in that area was grave.
HM Queen Alexandra: Received a telegram from Her Majesty Queen Alexandra expressing her sympathy with all the nurses who had suffered in the recent terrible air-raids and also asking that her sympathy might be conveyed to their relatives. Special reference was made to the nurses in the Etaples area.
APMMC: Received application from Sister Freshney, SAMNS, to be transferred to the APMMC. Replied that transfers from one Corps to another were not allowed. It is necessary to resign from one service before application can be made to another.
Etaples air-raid: Received telephone message from Etaples saying that there had been a very bad air-raid the night before – nearly all the hospitals in the Etaples area had suffered, particularly the St. John’s Ambulance Brigade Hospital, Liverpool Merchants’ Hospital, 24, 26 and 56 General Hospitals. At the SJAB Hospital one Sister had been killed and 5 wounded and a few others were suffering from shock. At No.24 General Hospital, Miss Freshfield, VAD, had been seriously wounded in the head, and one other Sister had been slightly wounded. Informed Matron-in-Chief, War Office, and BRCS, and DGMS.
CAMC decorations: Received wire from Mederscan that if it is intended to recommend CAMC Sisters for the Military Medal rather than for the Military Cross, it is requested, that the subject be referred to Canadian Headquarters before the applications are forwarded.

Sick Sisters 179
Servant question: Received reply from AAG, suggesting that in view of the increasing difficulties in finding General Service VADs and French female servants, he suggests that WAAC be employed in Sisters’ quarters, and that the matter should be taken up with DGMS with a view to a scale being laid down.
Miss E. W. Poulton, VAD: Received copy of War Office letter with reference to Miss E. W. Poulton, VAD. If this lady cannot renew her contract, she is advised to resign and rejoin when free as leave without pay only can be granted. This lady had applied for special leave.
Work for French: DGMS forwarded request from Marguerite Mesponlet, Professeur au Lycée Victor Hugo, Paris, for a few facts concerning women doctors and nurses with the RAMC, chiefly about what they may have done for French wounded and refugees. She has been instructed by the Ministere de l’Instruction Publique to write a pamphlet on British women’s war work. This pamphlet is to be used by French school masters and captains in their lectures all over the country.
Reinforcements: 39 VAD members, 1 Special Probationer, 9 CAMC Sisters and 1 QAIMNSR arrived for duty.
Badges: Received ruling from Matron-in-Chief, War Office, that QAIMNSR badges should only be authorised to members who sign AFW 3538 (to serve for the duration), owing to the difficulty in obtaining these badges.
Monthly return: Forwarded to DGMS and OC, RAMC Records, monthly return of total number of Nursing Sisters in the BEF on June 1st, 1918, including Americans and Overseas. Trained 4886, Civilians 26, VAD members 3380 (including General Service VADs). Forwarded to DGMS wastage return for the month of May – Requirements for the BEF – Trained 2934, VAD members – 1703. Present shortage – 342 Trained nurses.

Sick Sisters 179
Assistant Nurses: Received copy of War Office letter giving the required information concerning Assistant Nurses. These ladies do not come under the category of either Trained Nurses or VAD members. They are to be regarded as assistant nurses to perform responsible duties under a Sister; all have undergone training either in a fever hospital or in a special hospital for a minimum period of two years before admittance to a military hospital A list of uniform and copies of ACI 1563 of 1917 and AFW 3660 were attached and circulated.
Matron-in-Chief, Canadians: Sent memo to DGMS requesting that a car might be supplied to the Matron-in-Chief, Canadians, Miss Macdonald, RRC, during her fortnight’s tour of inspection commencing June 6th.
Accident: Received news from DDMS Boulogne, that Special Probationer A. H. Lancaster, No.8 Stationary Hospital, had been accidentally drowned while bathing. Wired Matron-in-Chief, War Office, and informed DGMS.
Canadian Rest Home: The Principal Matron, Canadians, received a letter from the Assistant Commissioner, Canadian Red Cross, suggesting the establishment of a Canadian Rest Home for Sisters. It is suggested that they should take two floors of a hotel for this purpose. The Commissioner was thanked for this offer but it is not thought that this offer would meet with the approval of the authorities.
9th Corps: Received nominal roll of 4 surgical teams which had proceeded for duty with the 9th Corps on 27.5.18.

Sick Sisters 170
Reinforcements: Reported to DGMS the arrival on 27.5.18 of 7 trained nurses, TFNS, 4 Assistant Nurses and 43 VAD members and 3 Special Probationers. Sent list of postings to the Command Paymaster and Matron-in-Chief, TFNS.
Queen Alexandra’s message: Circulated to all areas copies of the telegram received from HM Queen Alexandra expressing her sympathy with all in the ordeal they had undergone during the recent air-raids, together with my reply. Her Majesty asked that her deepest sympathy should be conveyed to the relatives of those who had lost their lives. A letter was written to the relatives of those killed, wounded or who had in any way suffered, and a copy of the Queen’s message was enclosed.
No.8 General Hospital: Returned to DDMS Rouen request for an increase of staff for No.8 General Hospital owing to the proposed increase of beds for officers and the number of fractured femurs under treatment. Replied that it was not proposed to take up the question of increased establishments at present. No.8 General has a special authority for an establishment of 66 trained nurses and 53 VADs – their present strength is 69 trained and 63 VADs.
Reinforcements: Received wire from DGMS asking if reinforcements (80 in all, trained and VADs) should embark on the 10th or not. Replied advisable that reinforcements should be temporarily postponed in consequence of so many units having to move and the nursing staffs being employed elsewhere.
Hospital transports: Sent memo to DMS, L of C asking if Nursing Sisters could now be detailed for duty on hospital transports as so many serious cases were being evacuated which need special attention. Sent memo to DDMS Etaples saying I had been informed that Nursing Sisters had been detailed to accompany cases of fractured femurs evacuated by hospital transport. If this is the case asked that the names of ladies so detailed might be reported.
Transfer of the office: Sent memo to DMS, L of C in consequence of my visit to Etaples on the 2nd inst. with a view to finding suitable accommodation for my office and staff and it is suggested that the Villa Tino be made use of as a combined residence and office. There would still be accommodation at Villa Pins for 50 patients.
Censoring letters: A GRO has been issued to the effect that the following may now censor their own letters – members of QAIMNS, TFNS and Colonials. Sent memo to DGMS with reference to this GRO asking if this order also applies to members of QAIMNSR and VAD members in military units, as these ladies are attached to the QAIMNS and enjoy the same privileges. It is presumed that the Colonial nursing service included all Overseas Dominions.
Miss E. Rind, VAD: Received wire from the War Office saying that Miss Rind, VAD, had reported to the War Office stating that her transfer to India had been arranged and asking if she had been informed before leaving France of the War Office letter of the 13th inst. in which it was clearly stated that this transfer could not be arranged. Wired ADMS Marseilles for this information and the answer was received that she had been informed. Repeated to DGMS.
Sir Arthur Lawley, Commissioner, BRCS, came to the office to see me in connection with the order about censoring letters, with regard to VAD members.

Sick Sisters 181
VAD Agreements: Received War Office ruling relating to VADs contracts. On proceeding abroad all nursing members attached to the QAIMNS, if they have not already signed AFW 3542, are requested to sign a further contract for six months’ service from the date of leaving the Home Station, this contract to cancel all previous agreements the member may have entered into.

Sick Sisters 165
Harvard Unit: Forwarded and recommended to DGMS an application for authority to be given for warrants to be supplied for 13 Sisters of the Harvard Unit desirous of proceeding to England on termination of contract June 8th. Gratuity forms and confidential reports to follow.
Marriage: Forwarded and recommended to DGMS an application to be married and retained in the Service from Sister B. Land TFNS. Given 14 days' leave with instructions to report in person to the Matron-in-Chief, TFNS.
Matron-in-Chief, CEF: Received a memo from the DGMS informing us that permission had been given for Miss Macdonald, Matron-in-Chief CEF to visit Canadian Hospitals from 6th to 20th June. To arrange for all facilities to be granted to her.
French Female Servants: Forwarded to DGMS correspondence between AQMG and this office regarding the employment of French female servants in Sisters’ Quarters in lieu of batmen; to be employed on a definite scale and at a defined rate of pay. AAG suggests the employment of members of the WAAC throughout hospitals. Asked the DGMS if he concurred in this suggestion before any further steps were taken.
Hospital in Paris: Received memo from ADMS Paris asking, with reference to the Nursing Staff to be appointed to the new 50 bedded hospital at 11 Rue Christophe Colombe, to what allowances they would be entitled, as officers draw a special Paris allowance of 4 francs a day.

Sick Sisters 152
Miss Rind VAD: Received a wire from ADMS Marseilles, stating that the Matron had informed Miss Rind that a transfer to India could not be arranged and that her resignation had been accepted, so she returned to England forthwith. Wired the War Office to this effect.
Harvard Unit: Wire received from the DGMS Authority issued for warrants for the 13 Nursing Sisters of 22 General Hospital whose contracts terminate on 8th inst.
Matron-in-Chief, CEF: Received a memo from the DGMS saying that the Canadian Representative had arranged for a car to meet Miss Macdonald, Matron-in-Chief CEF. He could not say how long this car could be placed at her disposal.
Paymaster in Chief: Notification received that the Directorate of the Paymaster in Chief had been moved to Wimereux from May 31st.
Veterinary Services: Notification received that the Directorate of Veterinary Services had moved on June 6th to Neuchatel.
Postal Services: Received further instructions regarding economy in the use of Telegrams, DRLS and Telephone Services.
Nursing Sister Ramsay CAMC: Forwarded to DDMS Boulogne correspondence in connection with Nursing Sister Ramsay CAMC, who while at No.1 Canadian General Hospital cabled and wrote to Canada for supplies owing to the condition of the hospital, stating that everything was needed except beds and patients. This lady was asked for a statement in explanation of her conduct.
6 Stationary Hospital: Received telephone message from the DMS 3rd Army, on account of constant air raids and also of shelling all round the hospital, it has been decided to move this hospital to another site. The Officers’ Division had been transferred to 19 CCS and the Ophthalmic Department to 43 CCS, and he wished the Nursing Staff to be reduced to a working minimum of 12, including the Matron. This was done at once, some of the Staff being posted to 12 Stationary Hospital and those due being sent on leave.
Matron-in-Chief, CEF: Received a telephone message from the Principal Matron Canadians to the effect that Miss Macdonald, Matron-in-Chief CEF had not arrived at Boulogne. No other notification received on this subject.

Sick Sisters 157
Sister C. Lonsdale QAIMNSR: War Office letter received stating that 5 weeks’ leave only with pay and allowances could be granted to Sister Lonsdale, who is desirous of proceeding to Canada on business affairs. A passage in a Hospital Ship could not be considered, but if possible an indulgence passage would be provided. Application should be made if this is desired.
S/Nurse M. F. Brown TFNS: War Office letter received stating that Miss F. M. Brown, [initials sic] on leave from 54 General Hospital who returned to France 5.6.18 should be instructed to return and report to the Matron-in-Chief, TFNS forthwith for duty in the United Kingdom.
Leave: Received through the DDMS Rouen a private letter from Mrs. C. McFarland with reference to her daughter a VAD member sick in hospital, asking that she may be given leave. Returned correspondence with a minute to the effect that it is presumed this lady will be disposed of in the ordinary way and transferred sick to the United Kingdom if such a course is considered expedient. Miss McFarland’s leave had been approved and she should have proceeded the day she fell ill.
Compensation for loss of Sisters’ Kit: Paymaster in Chief forwarded a copy of ACI 559 of 11.3.16 with reference to compensation for loss of kit for members of all Nursing Services. This was sent in connection with memo forwarded to him regarding luggage of Nursing Sisters lost irrevocably owing to the military situation or other causes. The maximum compensation admissible £15 for personal effects.
Qualified Anaesthetists: Sent to DGMS correction of figures of the number of Sisters qualified to administer anaesthetics, the total being 66. Previously notified 64.
QAIMNS: Returned to the Matron-in-Chief, War Office, a form sent asking for particulars with regard to Miss K. H. Dodd who applied for admission to the QAIMNS. This lady had served under Miss Steenson QAIMNS in France. Miss Steenson now in the Italian Command, at present on leave in England.

Sick Sisters 169
Casualty: Wire received from DGMS that Nursing Sister M. Wright BRCS Hospital Dunkirk was an air raid casualty, gun shot wound, mild, and remained on duty.
11 Stationary Hospital: Forwarded to Matron-in-Chief, War Office, copy of correspondence in connection with the Scottish Section of No.11 Stationary Hospital.
Anaesthetists: OC, 4 General Hospital, suggested that owing to the evacuation of all serious cases, the Sisters undergoing instruction in the use of anaesthetics should be moved to another hospital.
No.17 CCS: DMS 2nd Army notified us that No.17 CCS was moving to another site.
DPS: Received a memo from AQMG that in connection with the move of the Director of Postal Services to Paris Plage, an Assistant Director had been appointed to Abbeville to administer the Abbeville, Abancourt and Dieppe areas.
QMAAC: Received a memo from the Area Controller of the QMAAC with thanks for flowers and sympathy shown for their comrades killed on 29th May by enemy aircraft.
Sister K. L. Bigg, QAIMNSR: Returned correspondence to DDMS Etaples, stating that if Sister Bigg is not considered fit for duty in France, she should be admitted sick to hospital and transferred to the United Kingdom in the usual way.
ACI 444 of 1918: Circulated to A/Principal Matrons u/cover DDMSs, ACI 444 of 1918, with regard to pay of Nursing Service on substantive promotion.
Anaesthetists: Received telephone message from DMS 1st Army asking if the Sisters appointed for duty as Anaesthetists at CCSs could be moved to other Clearing Stations if necessary, with Surgical Teams. Replied yes; to be treated like Team Sisters, and all moves to be notified to this office.

Reinforcements: War Office letter received authorising the embarkation for duty as A/Principal Matron, Miss M. M. Bond QAIMNS, and Miss M. C. Watson, Matron QAIMNS Retired.
Marriage: War Office letter received, approving application of Miss S. Johnston VAD to be married and retained in the Service, but permission to remain in France cannot be granted if this lady’s husband will also be serving in France.
General Service VADs: War Office letter received notifying that all General Service VADs evacuated sick to England to be sent to the South London Hospital for Women, 103 South Side, Clapham Common, London. Memo from DGMS received, asking if there is any reason why General Service VADs should not be employed, if available, in the Sisters’ quarters. Is it advisable to introduce QMAACs into Medical quarters, having in view the fact that female workers are specially employed for this purpose, i.e. General Service VADs. The question of accommodation for extra personnel should also be considered.
USANC: War Office letter received, to the effect that all members of the USANC attached to British Units in the Rouen area are serving under the same conditions as those who proceeded to France with complete units and who are also serving with the British Forces.
TFNS Promotion: Returned to DDMS Etaples correspondence regarding the promotion of Staff Nurse M. Thomas TFNS. It is noted that the Matron of 20 General Hospital does not recommend Miss Thomas for promotion, moreover this lady’s previous reports are not sufficiently good to warrant her promotion.
Travelling: Memo sent to DDMSs, ADMSs, and RTOs, in view of the uncertainty of railway connections, members of the Nursing Services proceeding on leave or duty via Abbeville are on no account to wait at the Station, but should proceed to the Nurses’ Home; on arrival at any Base they should report to the A/Principal Matron without delay.
Visitors: To the office, DGMS of the Australian Forces, who is visiting France.

S/Nurse Van der Walt, QAIMNSR (SA): War Office letter received granting authority for S/Nurse Van der Walt to proceed to the United Kingdom. As this lady is a member of the SAMNS, her resignation cannot be accepted until 20 days after embarkation for South Africa. To be instructed to report in writing to the Matron-in-Chief on arrival in England, and will then be posted for temporary duty pending a passage to South Africa.
QAIMNSR Reinforcements: Forwarded to DGMS for transmission to the War Office for verification, statement from Sister F. E. Cole and S/Nurse M. Bell QAIMNSR, that they have never worn Reserve uniform until the day they embarked for France, also that they were at liberty to resign at any time. They cannot say if they signed an agreement form or not. They were paid at Army rates, and it is not clearly understood when they joined Army Service.
To the Office: Came to see me on way from Rouen to Etaples, the Lady Algernon Gordon Lennox. I was in Boulogne, so did not see her. She saw the DMS and also Miss Wilton Smith QAIMNS, and discussed the question of using HRH Princess Victoria’s Rest Clubs for General Service VADs. This had been asked for in Rouen, but the DMS explained to her that this could not be. Also called, Sister Hepburn QAIMNSR in charge of 19 Ambulance Train, and Sister Smyth QAIMNSR Australia. Sister Hepburn is giving up charge of the Train and proceeding on leave, and Sister Smyth is taking over. Sister Shearer QAIMNS came to the office with reference to the unfavourable confidential report rendered on her by the OC of 23 Ambulance Train. This report had been re-rendered by the A/Principal Matron Etaples, under whom she had served at 24 General Hospital, but was still of an unfavourable nature. The report was shown to Miss Shearer, who initialled it.

Sick Sisters 187
Mrs. B. E. M. Thomson: Received wire from Matron-in-Chief, War Office, please expedite return to England of Mrs. B. E. M. Thomson VAD. Husband home on leave since June 1st. Replied that she was crossing today.
Matron-in-Chief, AANS: Received memo from DGMS that a White Pass from 10-20th June had been issued to Miss Conyers, Matron-in-Chief AIF. Every facility to be given to this lady during the period of this visit.
62 CCS: Wired DDMS 8th Corps to ask what date the Sisters for 62 CCS were required, how many, and what would be their detraining station.
Miss Marshall VAD: Received wire from DAG Casualties 3rd Echelon that the Miss Marshall VAD reported on 21st May as a casualty from enemy air craft not identified. Wire full christian name and correct particulars. Replied – Nellie Marshall VAD 26 General Hospital, g.s.w. right arm, admitted Sick Sisters’ Hospital 20.5.18.
Assistant Nurses’ Contracts: Received copy of ACI 1563 of 1917. Assistant Nurses employed in Military Hospitals who at present serve on a 6 months agreement, after completing a months probationary period of service are to be invited to sign a new agreement to serve for so long as required during the present emergency. Those so signing to receive yearly increment of £2.10/- until £35 is reached. The first increment to take effect from the first day of the 7th month of service after completion of the probationary period, or from the 1st July 1917, whichever is the later date. Assistant Nurses who continue to sign a 6 monthly agreement to remain at the present rate of pay, £30.

Sick Sisters 193
Alexandra Day Roses: Received wire from Matron-in-Chief, War Office, enquiry received from Marlborough House, do you wish roses sent for Alexandra Day. Replied yes, £10.
No.33 CCS: Wired DMS 1st Army as to whether the staff of 33 CCS is required, and how many.
Trains returning from Italy: Wrote to Principal Matron Italy on the subject of exchanging the Nursing Staff on Ambulance Trains which are temporarily transferred from France to the Italian Command. As these Trains usually return to France after a short time it is expected that they return with the same Nursing Staff. Several changes have been made, and Trains have returned to France with an entirely new staff, and no official intimation to this effect received in this office.
Miss Pardoe VAD: Returned to DDMS Havre application from Miss Pardoe VAD for special leave owing to her aunt’s death, regretting that this could not be approved, as the lady had so recently returned from leave.
Dispatches: Sent to DGMS memo with reference to errors in printing names of ladies mentioned in Sir Douglas Haig’s Dispatches of April 7th.
APMMC: Travelling Allowances: Forwarded to AQMG correspondence re travelling expenses from Miss Dunn APMMC asking that authority may be granted for this lady to receive these allowances. Now that the Hotel du Nord is open, no similar case would occur in connection with expenses for night detention.
Sister M. Sutherland TFNS: By request of the DGMS by wire, telegraphed to ADMS Calais that Sister M. Sutherland 30 General Hospital should report at the earliest possible date to the Matron-in-Chief, Adastral House, for a special appointment.
A/Sister K. Mann QAIMNSR: Returned to DDMS Boulogne correspondence regarding A/Sister Mann, 14 General Hospital, asking if she wished to break her engagement on grounds of health. This lady had signed for the duration, but owing to an attack of diphtheria does not feel equal to serving indefinitely and would like to sign a contract for 6 months.
S/Nurse M. Moody QAIMNSR: Forwarded to DGMS for whatever action he deems necessary, application from S/Nurse M. Moody 2 General Hospital to be allowed to proceed to the United Kingdom via Boulogne one week earlier than 24th, (the date of her resignation) as her fiancé is stationed at Boulogne until 22nd. He has been marked fit for service up the Line, and is unable to obtain leave to England, and they are both anxious to get married in Boulogne and remain there until 24th.
Transfer to Alexandria: Returned to DDMS Boulogne application from Miss C. C. Plowden VAD for transfer to Alexandria for duty, as her brother is seriously ill at 19 General Hospital. Regretted that a transfer to another Command cannot be sanctioned, and pointed out that in all probability were she to be transferred she would find her brother evacuated before her arrival.
Visitors to the Office: Madam O’Gorman, who has been nursing British and French wounded since 1914, and was on her way from Paris to Dunkirk. She has recently had a certain number of British wounded in her Hospital.

Sick Sisters 204
TFNS Reinforcements: Received wire from DGMS to the effect that Dehorted wires that the 121 TFNS members who arrived for duty with the BEF on 28.5.18 were intended for the Staff of a General Hospital. It is now desired to sent a Matron and Assistant Matron TFNS. Could we receive them. Replied no vacancies at present. At the present time 2 Matrons TFNS were unemployed as such.
Etaples Casualty: Wrote to Mr. Stevenson, father of a YMCA Worker at Etaples who died of wounds received during the bombing raid there recently, enclosing a copy of the telegram received from Queen Alexandra expressing her sympathy with the relatives of those who had suffered.
Application for leave: Returned to DDMS Etaples application for leave to the United Kingdom to replace lost equipment, from A/Sister K. L. Bone QAIMNSR, 4 General Hospital, regretting that it could not be granted as 6 months had not elapsed since the expiration of this lady’s last leave.
GS VADs in Sisters’ Quarters: Returned correspondence to DGMS regarding employment of General Service VADs in Sisters’ Quarters, saying that there is no objection to these members being employed provided they are available, but that the employment of this section entails the question of extra accommodation being considered.
Miss M. F. Baird, VAD: Forwarded and recommended to DGMS application to be released from her contract owing to the sudden death of her mother and being the only daughter she is required at once to look after her father, from Miss M. F. Baird VAD 54 General Hospital. 7 days’ special leave granted to this lady in anticipation of her application to resign being accepted.
Dietitians: Returned file to DMS, L of C concurring in the proposal to select Miss F. Bettman American Red Cross, 16 General Hospital, as a Dietitian, her services to be placed at the disposal of ADMS Dieppe Area for posting to a hospital in Le Treport.

Sick Sisters 196
Weekly report: Forwarded to the DGMS usual weekly report on the work of the Nursing Service in France.
Resignation: War Office letter received accepting the resignation of S/Nurse E. Garratt-Jones QAIMNSR, Barge 368. Confidential report asked for in accordance with WO letter 2/General No/656 of January 1st. Asked DGMS for copy of this letter, as there was no trace of it in this office.
Transfer to Italy: War Office letter received regarding Miss de Burgh Daly’s (VAD) request to be transferred for duty to Italy, stating that under special circumstances, if DGMS agrees, her name will be included in the next draft of VADs required for Italy. Concurrence of the DGMS expressed.
Paris Allowances: Received memo from the Command Paymaster to the effect that an additional subsistence allowance is paid to officers stationed singly in Paris, not clear if this is admissible to Nursing Sisters. Returned correspondence to ADMS Paris, asking for information as to where the Sisters at the Paris Hospital are accommodated and what their other expenses will be, before taking any further action in this matter.
Mrs. Milne VAD: Received memo from DGMS in connection with the appointment of Mrs. J. F. Milne VAD to 22 General Hospital, Harvard Unit, to the effect that it was assumed that this lady was one of the eight nurses who had arrived in France with Mrs. Hagar on 8th inst. Replied, giving Nominal Roll of those who had arrived on that date, which did not include Mrs. Milne.
Leave to Ireland: Sent memo to AAG in connection with ordinary leave to Ireland for members of the Nursing Service, who now experience considerable difficulty. Letters attached from Miss Steenson, Matron QAIMNS, and Miss Wallace VAD, also Form 1 of Permit Regulations for Passenger Traffic between Great Britain and Ireland. Asked that a ruling might be obtained to include members of the Nursing Services serving in Hospitals staffed by QAIMNS and TFNS in category “C” which permits Officers in uniform to travel without a passport, which after 21st inst. will be required by all civilians.

Sick Sisters 210
Monthly return: War Office letter received showing the number of reinforcements sent to France during the month of May 1918, and those returned from sick leave during the same period.
Miss M. E. Figg VAD: DGMS returned agreement form and confidential report on Miss Figg VAD, as the remarks made on this lady are not applicable since she has signed her contract. Miss Figg had originally stated that she did not wish to renew her contract, as she was separated from her friends.
Marriage: Received memo from DGMS with regards to the marriage of Mrs. Scott Bamford, Special Probationer in Boulogne, saying that this was a matter for referring to HQ, L of C. Mrs. Scott Bamford should be informed that as her future husband is presumably serving with the BEF her services in France cannot be retained, but she can be given employment at home. Referred the question of marriage in Boulogne to AAG for a ruling. DGMS returned correspondence with reference to S/Nurse M. Moody QAIMNSR requesting to be married in Boulogne. This also to be referred to HQ, L of C Referred the question to the AAG for a ruling. Major Keith came round from the AAG and discussed the matter. Later, the correspondence was returned, granting permission, subject to the concurrence of the Base Commandant Boulogne, for Mrs. Scott Bamford to be married in France and proceed at once to England after the ceremony, and she was granted 14 days’ leave. It was regretted that permission could not be given for S/Nurse Moody to be married in France, but this lady’s fiancé, Private Arnold, RAMC has submitted an application for leave in England, which will be granted.
Matron-in-Chief, CEF: Reported to DGMS that Miss Macdonald, Matron-in-Chief CEF had not reported her arrival on 6th inst. It is understood that she was unable to proceed through illness.
Anaesthetists: DDMS Rouen reported that S/Nurse E. Cherry QAIMNSR is not likely to become an efficient anaesthetist. This lady’s course has been terminated, and she has returned to her original Unit.
Mons Star: Forwarded to Director of Personal Services for favour of consideration, application from Sister E. Rogers QAIMNSR, late BRCS for the Mons Star. Record of service in 1914 attached.
VAD Club: Forwarded to Matron-in-Chief, War Office, letter received from Matron-in-Chief TFNS regarding a Club opened at Devonshire House for VADs, whether Nursing or General Service members, asking if she approved of the circulation of a similar letter giving all information about the Club.
Efficiency Stripes: Forwarded to Matron-in-Chief TFNS correspondence in connection with an application for 2 Efficiency Stripes received from Mrs. Rice VAD, as this lady had only served 7 months in France out of the 25 months rendering her eligible. She had very good reports while in France.
Censoring of letters: To the Office, Colonel Holland, Chief Censor, to see me with regard to the censoring of letters by members of the Nursing Service. This matter is receiving his attention and a definite ruling on the subject will be forwarded later.
Brig. General Burgess AIF came to visit me with the Matron-in-Chief AIF and Miss Wilson AANS.

Sick Sisters 204
An Air Raid over Abbeville last night. Started at 10.30 p.m. and continued intermittently until 3 a.m. A large number of bombs were dropped on different parts of Abbeville, considerable damage was done, and two large fires were perceived. No damage done to Hospitals.
Nursing Sister McGrath: Received letter from the Matron Scottish Section, 11 Stationary Hospital about Nursing Sister McGrath who had applied to transfer to the QAIMNS Reserve. She states that this lady has very strong Sinn Fein feelings which she does not attempt to hide and she would not of course recommend her appointment. Communicated with Major Keith of AAGs department, and sent him Miss Riddle’s letter. This lady is serving in the same Unit as S/Nurse M. W. Rooney QAIMNSR.
S/Nurse F. M. Cummings, AANS: Received War Office letter notifying that S/Nurse Cummings who was invalided to the United Kingdom on 20.5.18 and returned to France 11.6.18 in response to an urgent message to visit a dangerously ill relative at 1 Australian General Hospital, is now fit for duty and can return to her Unit when the urgent private affairs on which she has returned to France are concluded.
9th Corps: Received communication from DDMS 9th Corps that Sisters Rowe and Gibson had reported for duty with 37 CCS. Military situation such that they were not required for duty with this Unit. They had been temporarily attached to 32 CCS. Communicated with DDMS Havre to ascertain if any reason why these ladies did not comply with their instructions, which were to report to the A/Principal Matron Rouen for duty with 37 CCS. DDMS Rouen had informed us that these ladies never reported as notified.
A/Sister G. E. Hening QAIMNSR: Received correspondence from DMS 2nd Army in connection with A/Sister Hening, who while stationed at 18 CCS had without permission gone to Boulogne with a friend, and had not returned until 11.40 p.m. The excuse given by this lady for breaking all rules was that she wished to get news of her father, who was ill, from her Sister in Boulogne who had recently returned from leave.
Lost kit: AMFO Boulogne reported that no trace of the kit of Miss S. G. Oakley VAD, lost between Folkestone and Boulogne had been found. Enquiries of AMLO and the S. Eastern and Chatham Railway at Folkestone and Charing Cross had had no result. Passed to DDMS Rouen asking that the lady in question should comply with ACI 292/218. Received notification claim from Sister E. S. Gillespie TFNS who was ordered to abandon all kit and personal baggage by the OC 46 CCS during a hurried evacuation in March 1918. Forwarded to AQMG for favourable consideration. AQMG approved of the payment of £5. 11/-, subject to audit, to Miss A. Day VAD whose kit was lost while she was on night duty owing to a bomb having fallen between 2 bell tents, in one of which her kit was completely destroyed.

Sick Sisters 200
Air Raid warning but no aeroplanes over.
S/Nurse M. M. Robertson QAIMNSR Aus.: On duty 12 Ambulance Train, to see me before signing a renewal of contract, as she felt she ought to be promoted. I pointed out to this lady she had not been long enough in France. If suitable she would be promoted in due course.

Monthly return: Forwarded to DGMS tabulated form showing discrepancies between War Office return of Sisters who returned to France during May and the number actually arrived. War Office figures show 33 reinforcements, actually arrived 165. War Office return shows 15 from sick leave, our records give 18.
Indemnification claim: Forwarded to AQMG indemnification claim received from A/Sister A. L. Hamilton QAIMNSR and A/Sister S. MacDonald QAIMNSR for baggage lost owing to the Military situation in March 1918.
Miss McLeod ANSR: In connection with Miss McLeod’s application for 3 months’ leave without pay, forwarded statement to DGMS with regard to the contract signed by this lady. Miss McLeod is a member of the Regular Reserve, and joined in 1900. Has signed no contract since 1914 and is not desirous of doing so until she has had a rest. Is proceeding on 27.5.18 on 3 months’ leave.

Queen Alexandra’s Day: Roses sent for distribution to DMS of all Armies and all Heads of Departments in any way connected with the Nursing Services, as well as to the Nursing Staffs of all Hospitals.
Sick Sisters 209
Marriage: Forwarded and recommended to DGMS application from Miss M Wollard VAD to be married and retained in the Service after marriage. This lady has been informed that she will not be permitted to return to France as her fiancé is serving with the BEF.
Indulgence Passage to Canada: Reported to DGMS in connection with application made by Sister Lonsdale QAIMNSR for passage to Canada, that this lady was anxious to avail herself of an indulgence passage, if available and arrangements could be made.
Leave to Ireland: Forwarded to AAG further letters received in connection with difficulties of obtaining passports for Ireland. DDMS Trouville has asked for information a to what passports are necessary. Asked if this matter should be taken up by the DGMS.
Lost Baggage: Indemnification claim for lost luggage owing to the military situation in March 1918 by Sisters Hamilton and McDonald QAIMNSR concurred in by DMS, L of C forwarded to Command Paymaster.
Matron-in-Chief AIF: Miss Conyers left Boulogne for England at 4 p.m. after completing a tour of inspection of all Australian Units in France lasting for 10 days.

Colonel Purdy, OC 3 Australian General Hospital came to say good bye as he was leaving the Unit.
PUO: A large number of General Hospitals as well as CCSs have been asking for reinforcements on account of the large number of PUO cases among members of the Nursing Staff.
Etaples Area: Received letter from Matron-in-Chief, War Office, saying that she had been informed that there were a large number of Nurses doing comparatively nothing in the Etaples Area, and they were still sleeping in the woods. If this was the case it would be better to have some transferred home. Replied that all Units in the Etaples Area, with the exception of the St. John Ambulance Brigade Hospital and the Liverpool Merchants’ Hospital whose staffs were on leave in England while these Units were moving, were taking in patients and required their Nursing Staff. All hospitals in Etaples had been reduced to a working minimum after the recent bombing, and notification had been received in this office today that 2,000 or more cases of PUO had been taken into these hospitals and a request had been forwarded for more staff. In all units arrangements are practically completed for the staff to be in dug-outs when necessary so there will be no need for them to go to the woods at night.

Sick Sisters 210
APMMC: Received notification that the embarkation of 6 members of the Almeric Paget MMC had been authorised to the War Office.
3 weeks’ sick leave: granted to Sister C. Slaney QAIMNS. This lady had been on duty at Etaples during the recent raids, and suffered from shock. Also 3 weeks’ sick leave approved for Miss M. Bracebridge TF Probationer.
Dietitian: Forwarded and recommended to DGMS that Miss D. M. Sundall VAD may be permitted to take her training as a Dietitian without resigning from the Service. When qualified she will be a most valuable asset to one of our hospitals This lady has applied to resign in order to train as a Dietitian.
Lost Kit: Forwarded indemnification claim to Command Paymaster for lost kit owing to the military situation in March 1918 of Sister G. E. Paynter Williamson QAIMNSR and S/Nurse E. McKie QAIMNSR, concurred in by DMS, L of C.
S/Nurse M. Moody QAIMNSR: Notified DDMS Havre that, in connection with S/Nurse Moody’s resignation, that this lady’s fiancé, Private Arnold RAMC was being granted leave to proceed to the United Kingdom on the same day as Miss Moody.
Nursing Sister Ramsay CAMC: Forwarded to DGMS all correspondence in connection with Nursing Sister Ramsay, who, while nursing at No.1 Canadian General Hospital, made a pressing appeal to Canada for comforts for her patients. This lady has been making trouble by direct appeals and incorrect statements.
Etaples: Received telephone message from DDMS Etaples to ask for increase of staff, especially for 26 and 56 General Hospitals, owing to the large number of PUO cases admitted. 10 VADs re-posted to 56 General who had been temporarily posted to Units in the Boulogne Area.

Military Cross Award: Received communication from DMS, L of C, that a reply to question referred to the Military Secretary, ladies are not eligible for the award of the Military Cross or any other Military decoration other than the Military Medal.

Sister E. J. Gerry TFNS: Notification received that the War Office had granted 3 months’ leave in the United Kingdom, pay and allowances only as regards leave due to her for the current year, to Sister C. E. J. Gerry TFNS. All leave over and above leave due to her to be without pay and allowances.
Red Efficiency Stripe: War Office letter received with regard to application for Red Efficiency Stripe for Miss J. D. Wilson VAD who had stated that when serving in Malta volunteers for service in France had been asked for, and for this reason she had resigned. Enquiries had been made by the War Office in Malta and it had been ascertained that there was no record of any member of the Nursing Service having been asked to volunteer for service in France. Copy of Miss Wilson’s letter asking to resign on termination of contract was enclosed.
S/Nurse S. E. Greaves QAIMNSR Aus.: Reported to DGMS that S/Nurse Greaves, now serving on 22 Ambulance Train states that she expects to leave England for Australia on 30.6.18, when her contract expires. As this Train has only just returned from Italy, nothing is known of any correspondence on the subject, neither is she in possession of any papers authorising her to proceed to the United Kingdom. Asked that this might be reported to the War Office.
CAMC: DGMS forwarded notification received from GHQ 3rd Echelon reporting that the Canadian Forestry Corps Detention Hospital at Gerardmer was showing 3 Nursing Sisters on their strength. As War Establishment part A does not allow for Nursing Sisters on the strength of this hospital, information was requested if the above postings have DGMS authority. Forwarded correspondence to SMO Canadian Forestry Corps for his remarks, no Sisters having bee detailed from this office for duty with this hospital

Sick Sisters 232
Station Hospital, Paris: Received file from DMS, L of C with regard to the War Establishment which had been approved for this hospital, namely:- 1 Sister and 2 Staff Nurses. Returned to DMS with a minute to the effect that I considered this Nursing Staff inadequate after my recent inspection of this hospital. It is a large building of 4 floors and a basement, with accommodation for both officers and men, and in my opinion the necessary staff is as follows:- 1 A/Matron, 4 Sisters, to in any way keep the Unit up to the proper standard, particularly as we have to keep in mind that the emergency work will be heavy owing to the raids and bombing.
APMMC: Forwarded to DDMS Trouville copy of Rules and Regulations for the APMMC as 3 members of this Corps have been posted to 3 large hospitals in his Area.
Dietitians: To the office, Sister Jones TFNS who was interviewed regarding taking up the duties of a Dietitian. This lady has been posted to the Calais Area for this duty.

Miss M. Pedlar QAIMNS: Received copy of War Office letter authorising the embarkation of this lady on July 1st for duty as Assistant Matron.
Anaesthetists: Received War Office letter regarding the training of Nurses in the administration of anaesthetics. This question had been considered at a recent meeting of the Nursing Board and it had been decided unanimously that VAD Nursing members should not be trained in this subject. It was further considered necessary that some record should be available in the War Office with regard to the trained nurses who have completed this course of training, and it was requested that a list of these ladies, together with details of the course of training they have undergone, should be forwarded, also the conditions governing their selection for this responsible work. It was suggested that some form of certificate should be drawn up and completed when each Sister had completed her course and was considered efficient, such certificate to be forwarded to the War Office.
S/Nurse E. L. Hall QAIMNS: Received notification that the confidential report on this lady which had been forwarded to the War Office had been considered at a recent meeting of the Nursing Board, and it had been decided that she should be recalled to England as soon as possible. Instructions were to be issued for this lady to proceed at once to England, reporting in person to the Matron-in-Chief, War Office, on arrival.
S/Nurse F. S. Hook QAIMNSR: Received communication with regard to the application from Miss Hook for transfer to the Home Establishment, on the grounds that she was not capable of continuing her work in France under the present air raid conditions. It was requested that this application might be supported by opinion of a Medical Board as to the desirability of Miss Hook being transferred to England.
9th Corps: Received from DGMS Nominal Roll of Sisters serving at 32 CCS 9th Corps, Sisters K. Rowe TFNS and S/Nurse F. Gibson CHR. DDMS 9th Corps reported that these ladies arrived for duty with 37 CCS. This Unit was captured by the enemy before the arrival of the Nursing Sisters. They have been transferred to 32 CCS and are now doing duty with that Unit.
Leave for USANC in British Units: DGMS asked for information regarding the present method of granting leave to American Sisters with British Units, and the authority for the same.
Marriages: With reference to War Office letters recently received in connection with two applications from VAD members to be retained in the Service after marriage and continue to work in France, asked DGMS if it was to be taken as a general ruling that no member of the Nursing Service could remain in France if their husband was also serving with the BEF.
USANC: Embarkation authorised of 10 members of the USANC for duty in this Command.
Paris Allowances: Asked the Paymaster in Chief if the special Paris allowance issued to Officers would apply to members of the Nursing Service who were stationed in Paris, as after much difficulty suitable accommodation had been found for them, but the least charge would be 12 francs per day.

Sick Sisters 211
Miss E. J. Horn VAD: Forwarded to DGMS correspondence in connection with the date of joining Army Service of Miss Horn VAD, requesting that as the dates given by this lady and the records in this office do not tally, the date of joining for Army Service might be verified.
Lost Kit: Forwarded to Command Paymaster Indemnification claim for kit lost owing to the military situation in March last, from S/Nurse M. Smith, S/Nurse F. Whiteley and S/Nurse R. Stapleton QAIMNSR.
Leave for American Sisters: Notified DGMS in answer to his enquiry, the leave to American Sisters serving in British Units was granted as to all other members of the American Ex. Force, in accordance with AAGs circular AG 441/461/PS of 3.3.18. Referred him to previous correspondence on this subject, when it had been requested from this office that leave for American Sisters should be applied for in the same way as for members of the Imperial and Overseas Services.

Sick Sisters 203
Paris Allowances: Received communication from the Paymaster in Chief with regard to allowances for the Nursing Staff of the Station Hospital in Paris, saying that they could receive the following allowances:- Board 4 francs 20 c., Billet 3 francs, and in addition a special Paris allowance of 3 francs for rations, as for Officers stationed singly in Paris, which = 10 francs 20. He advises that the case should be put up to the GOC, L of C for special sanction, but in view of the fact that the Sisters belong to a section of the Hospital, it should be made a condition that if the conditions alter, it should be notified at once.
Anaesthetist: Informed DGMS that S/Nurse D. M. Teare QAIMNSR has now completed a course of instruction in the administration of anaesthetics at hospitals on the Lines of Communication, and is considered efficient. Report on this lady attached.
Nursing Sister H. M. Stevenson CAMC: Forwarded and recommended to DGMS application from this lady to be transferred to the United Kingdom on expiration of 6 months’ duty at 3 Canadian CCS. She has been on duty in France 17 months, and asked that her transfer might be approved before the expiration of her leave. Notified the fact that she had been granted 14 days’ leave to the United Kingdom from 1.7.18, with instructions to report to the Matron-in-Chief CAMC in person.
USANC: Reported to DGMS that 10 members of the USANC arrived for duty with 16 General Hospital on 16.6.18.
Indemnification claim: Forwarded to Command Paymaster indemnification claim from S/Nurse A. Wadsworth QAIMNSR whose luggage was lost in March last.

S/Nurse S. E. Greaves QAIMNSR Aus.: Received instructions from DGMS for this lady, now on 22 Ambulance Train, to proceed forthwith to the United Kingdom on expiration of contract, reporting on arrival to the Matron-in-Chief, War Office. Resignation will be accepted from date of arrival.
Censoring of Letters: Received notification from DGMS with reference to GRO 3518, that the term “Staff Nurse” will be held to include “VAD Nurses in Military Hospitals”. This ruling to be circulated to Medical Units, and OCs of these Units to be instructed to obtain the signatures of all Nursing Personnel in a book, to the effect that they have acquainted themselves with the censorship orders and regulations. Two copies of instructions issued by us are to be forwarded to DGMS Office.
USANC: Received notification from A/Principal Matron Havre that 443 members of the USANC had arrived at Havre for duty with the American Expeditionary Force.
Matron-in-Chief CEF: Notified DGMS that Miss Macdonald, Matron-in-Chief CEF had been granted permission to proceed to France from 3rd to 17th July, to visit all Canadian Hospitals, asked that a car might be lent to this lady during her visit.

Etaples Hospitals: Received copy of memo from DDMS Trouville, to the effect that the male personnel and Nursing Staff of No.6 Liverpool Merchants’ Hospital could be accommodated in tents temporarily and employed while the hospital was being erected. The male personnel of the St. John’s Ambulance Brigade Hospital and No.1 Canadian General Hospital could be similarly accommodated and employed. The accommodation for Nurses is not available at present, but is being arranged for in tents.
New Zealand Rations on Repayment: Received memo from DGMS asking for the following information, as it has been decided to issue rations on repayment for members of the NZANS – (1) From what date free issue of rations to Nursing Sisters ceased. (2) to what Unit they are attached, so that debit voucher may be preferred.
Allotment for Sisters’ Leave: In order to enable a new allotment for nurses to be fixed, DGMS requests information on the following points:- a) Number of nurses serving in France, b) no. of nurses eligible for leave. Commissioner BRCS has been asked for this information with regard to nurses under his administration.
Sister L. Beckett: Memo from AAG with reference to Sister Beckett. Base Commandant Etaples has been informed that if possible she will be posted to a CCS near Hazebrouck in order to visit her husband’s grave. In future such applications should be submitted to the Matron-in-Chief for concurrence.
Mrs. Rice VAD: Received letter from Matron-in-Chief TFNS with reference to Mrs. Rice VAD, née Hall, that in view of her favourable report from her Home Hospital, she should be given two Efficiency Stripes.
Dietitians: Received communication from DMS, L of C asking that a Dietitian should be appointed to 1 South African General Hospital, as the OC reports that he has no lady on his strength suitable for this post.
Passports for Ireland: AAG forwarded file referring to Passport regulations for Passenger Traffic to Ireland. Returned with minute to the effect that it is presumed that para. 1 “C” refers to Nursing Service. This paragraph states that permits are not required by British or Allied Officers or men in uniform.
To the Office: Miss Bannister QAIMNSR, on her way to Abancourt Stationary Hospital as A/Matron. The Nursing Staff are re-joining this Unit, from which they were recalled in March last owing to the Military situation.


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