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MAY 1st – 31st 1918

Sick Sisters 202
Anaesthetists: Received memo from DGMS asking for nominal roll of those Nursing Sisters who had completed their course of training in the administration of anaesthetics and are considered qualified to be employed as anaesthetists. The present postings of these ladies should be stated as it will become necessary for them to be distributed to various units for employment.
Efficiency Stripe: Received copy of War Office letter in answer to our enquiry as to whether certain VAD members were eligible for the Red Efficiency Stripe, saying that these ladies were not eligible as their first service and resignation took place before the stripe was authorised by the War Office. Miss E. Morgan, VAD, is not eligible for it and should not have had her stripe given her in England. If members have resigned before 6.5.17 they are not eligible. Should their resignation take place immediately after this date and they have served 13 months consecutively and are recommended by the OC and Matron, they are then eligible for it. Members should be made to understand that this stripe is not given for length of service but efficiency of work.
Anaesthetists: Received memo from the DGMS concerning the new class of instruction in the administration of anaesthetics – if this class has not already commenced, it should be arranged for 50% of the candidates to be selected from VAD members recommended for training. We are losing so many of our best Sisters this way it is necessary we should utilise the services of the VAD members.
S/Nurse M. Wace, TFNS: Received enquiry from DGMS as to whether the application forwarded from S/Nurse M. Wace, TFNS, for transfer to the United Kingdom, on account of her impending marriage, refers to the same lady who was granted leave together with permission to remain in the service after marriage and to return to France. Informed DGMS that this correspondence refers to the same lady, and that she proceeded to England by Ambulance Transport with instructions to report to the Matron-in-Chief, TFNS.

Sick Sisters 209
Nurses for the East: Received copy of wire from DGMS notifying that the following nurses will embark via Havre proceeding overland via Taranto to Salonika – on 5.5.18, 82 General Hospital with 30 nurses; on 6.5.18, 20 nurses; on 7.5.18, Elsie Inglis unit with 10 nurses and 2 OR, also 10 other nurses. Instructions received for necessary arrangements to be made. Repeated to DDMS Havre, and instructed the A/Principal Matron to make all necessary arrangements.
QAIMNS: Received memo from DDMS Rouen asking what rank A/Sister Stevens, S/Nurse M. Brown and S/Nurse Major, QAIMNS should now hold (these ladies are new arrivals in France). Replied that A/Sister Stevens will be re-appointed to the rank of Acting Sister in Routine Orders and that S/Nurses Brown and Major will continue to hold the rank of S/Nurses until they have shown themselves capable of doing Sister’s duties when the question of their promotion will be considered.
Resignations: Forwarded to DGMS bi-monthly list of resignations sent in since 1.3.18 – total 24.
Mess balances: Wrote to Captain Knapp, c/o Command Paymaster, on the subject of balances of messing accounts and how they are distributed in the case of the nursing personnel of a unit being dispersed, i.e. No.16 General Hospital, when it was taken over by the Americans.
VAD agreements: Wrote to Matron-in-Chief, TFNS, on the subject of VAD members going abroad signing new agreements. Pointed out the immediate difficulties this presents as regards pay: (1) if AFW 3539 has been signed and the member embarks for France before completing her 7 months’ service and signs before embarking AFW 3541, she will presumably be given AFW 3545 enabling her to draw increased pay before she is really eligible. As regards termination of contract – reinforcements arrive in France without any particulars and we have to rely on the nurses’ information. Suggested that instead of causing members to sign a contract superseding their former one, they should be asked to sign a statement that they intend to renew their contracts for further service on the expiration of their current agreement, should this terminate within a short time of their arrival in France.
Miss Ramsbottom, VAD came to the office at my request for an interview, as she had sent in her resignation, without giving a satisfactory reason, principally because she is not feeling well at 72 General Hospital. This lady has now been admitted to hospital and will be posted to another unit on discharge.

Return of nursing strength: Forwarded to DGMS and to DAG 3rd Echelon, monthly return of nursing strength in France in military and BRCS units on 1.5.18 – total trained nurses = 4837, VADs and Special Probationers = 3203, including BRCS and General Service VAD members.
Anaesthetists: Informed DGMS that instructions have been issued for the commencement of a second course of training in the administration of anaesthetics, to begin on 21st inst. 75 trained nurses have been selected for this course. Asked that the War Office may be requested to fill the vacancies in the nursing ranks caused by the withdrawal of the 46 Nursing Sisters for anaesthetists’ duties from 20.5.18., out of the total of 67 who completed their first course from the 75 originally selected. As the Nursing Board is now regularly holding its meetings to consider all matters in connection with the nursing services, it is respectfully pointed out that before employing VAD members in any new branch, it is considered advisable that the sanction of the Nursing Board is obtained.
Convalescent Home, Hardelot: Wrote to Sir Arthur Lawley on the subject of the new Convalescent Home at Hardelot, saying I will arrange for Nursing Sisters to be admitted in small numbers as he suggests, as soon as the date of opening is known.
Miss V. M. Herbison: Received copy of War Office letter asking if S/Nurse V. M. Herbison, QAIMNSR is recommended for further service. This lady served in France from 27.3.15 to 2.11.16 when she had resigned. She is now applying for re-employment with the Reserve. Sent record of this lady’s service in France, recommending her for further employment.
Sister H. Waddell, TFNS: Received copy of War Office letter authorising the issue of a duplicate last pay certificate to Sister H. Waddell, TFNS whose certificate had been lost in transit.
Efficiency Stripe: Forwarded to DGMS correspondence concerning the eligibility of Miss J. D. Wilson, VAD, 83 General Hospital, for the Red Efficiency Stripe, asking that a ruling may be obtained from the War Office. This lady had volunteered from Malta for service in France as she understood her services were more urgently needed there, but had been obliged to resign before transferring, and had thus broken her service.
3 weeks’ sick leave: Sent instructions to all Bases concerning the procedure to be adopted when members of the nursing service are recommended for 3 weeks’ sick leave in England. Departure, return to duty and address while on leave should always be reported to this office.
Chevrons: Asked OC, RAMC Records, 3rd Echelon, for a ruling regarding chevrons – it is to be understood that para.2 of the ACI debars those who embarked for France for service with (1) Scottish Women’s Hospitals (2) BRCS or SJAB units working in French hospitals in which French patients were nursed (3) French military or Red Cross hospitals.
Anaesthetists: Notified all areas that the second course of training in the administration of anaesthetics would begin on 21.5.18.
Monthly return: Forwarded to DGMS monthly return of reinforcements and wastages during the month of April. Total wastage – trained 301, VADs 49. Total reinforcements – trained 51, VADs 66. Balance of wastage during the month – trained 250. Balance of reinforcements – VADs 17. Shortage of trained – 349.

Sick Sisters 200
Luggage: Arrangements have now been made at Havre and Rouen for the storage of Sisters’ surplus kits, when they are proceeding to trains or CCS for duty, similar to those already in existence at Boulogne.
CAMC resignations for marriage: Sent memo to DGMS in connection with the correspondence with reference to the resignation for marriage of Members of the CAMC in France, to the effect that there appears to be no difficulty in carrying out the conditions laid down in memo of DMS Canadians of 29.3.18. Presumably no marriage ceremony will be permitted to take place in Army areas, and no objection to such taking place on the L of C would stipulate that no marriage should be allowed to take place from a medical unit.
Efficiency Stripe: Replied to the request of the Matron-in-Chief, War Office, that the question of an efficiency stripe for Miss Bradburn VAD should be investigated, that this lady had been evacuated sick to England on 24.5.17. During her period of service in France her reports were always good. She served 18 months from 9.11.15 to 24.5.17 under Miss M. Smith QAIMNS now transferred to Home Service.
CCS: Wrote to DMS, 1st and 2nd Armies, concerning the work in Casualty Clearing Stations during the past few weeks, making suggestions which would enable me to assist them more easily and also to economise our nursing staff.
DMS Canadians: General Foster, DMS Canadians and his staff came to the office to see me and Miss Ridley, and to discuss various matters in connection with the Canadian Nursing Service.

Sick Sisters 201
Leave: Received authority from AAG to issue 30 leave passes daily to Nursing Sisters. Embarkation by Calais is forbidden at all times – Havre on certain dates. The port of Boulogne can always be used.
Resignation: Received copy of War Office letter accepting the resignation of A/Sister M. I. Burns, Canadian Red Cross attached QAIMNSR. A return passage cannot be arranged at once unless very urgent reasons are given, but temporary employment in the United Kingdom can be given pending embarkation.
VAD uniform: Received letter from the Matron-in-Chief, War Office, informing me that according to the last dress regulations in the equipment list of VADs, the colour of the woollen jacket may be either plain grey or dark blue.
French servants: Sent circular to all Bases urging them to use French female labour as far as possible in all Sisters’ messes and asking for the following particulars from all units: (1) name of Home Sister (2) number of VADs employed in the mess and how employed, if as cooks, etc. (3) number of French servants employed and what rate of pay (4) number of batmen and in what capacity. Asked that the question should be treated as an urgent one.
APMMC: Returned correspondence to DDMS Etaples re a complaint received from Miss Henderson, APMMC, that she did not wish to work with an untrained masseur, with a minute to the effect that this matter appeared to be one which should be adjusted locally as this lady was employed on the work for which she was sent to this country.
S/Nurse V. Herbison, QAIMNSR: Received copy of War Office letter asking if S/Nurse V. Herbison, QAIMNSR who had resigned in February, 1916, was recommended for further service with the QAIMNSR. Replied that it was regretted that no confidential report on this lady was available but that there is a note in our register to the effect that her work was considered most satisfactory and that she is a good, reliable, capable nurse.
Efficiency Stripe: Wrote to Miss Heddon, VAD, in reply to her application for a Scarlet Efficiency Stripe, saying that she was not eligible until 13 months had been completed apart from sickness, in a military hospital, and that she should then apply.
Lord Bertie*: Received wire from Lady Algernon Gordon Lennox asking that the best nurse available should be sent to the Embassy, Paris, and that Sir Bertrand Dawson if in Boulogne should be asked to come. Sent Sister I. Whyte, QAIMNS from Rouen. Informed DGMS and ADMS Paris, of this move, which was made after consulting the DMS, L of C.
Sick List: Received telephone message from A/Principal Matron, Rouen, to say that Miss E. M. Warnock, VAD had been put on the DI list with septicaemia (pleurisy), and that she was not expected to live through the night. Heard later that she had died the same evening. Informed DGMS and the Matron-in-Chief, War Office.

*Francis Leveson Bertie, 1st Viscount Bertie of Thame

Sick Sisters 202
Pay of QAIMNS: Received from DGMS copy of ACI 444 of 24.4.18, with reference to the pay of members of the QAIMNS on substantive promotion. Asked for 20 copies for circulation.
No.8 BRCS Hospital: DGMS forwarded for our remarks application from Commissioner, BRCS for approval for the temporary posting of 2 Sisters to No.8 BRCS Hospital to relieve pressure, thus increasing the sanctioned strength of the unit.
Sister E. M. Carter: In reply to DGMS’ request for date of promotion of Sister E. M. Carter, QAIMNSR, gave particulars of two ladies of this name on our books: Staff Nurse Ethel Mary Carter, QAIMNSR was transferred to the MEF from France on 10.11.15 still holding the rank of Staff Nurse. A/Sister Ellen Mary Carter, QAIMNSR is now serving at 24 General Hospital and was promoted to rank of Sister on 1.5.17. Presumably the War Office letter refers to the former lady as the unit given is not in this command.
S/Nurse B. L. Hussey, TFNS: On receipt of request from Miss Sidney Browne, Matron-in-Chief, TFNS for date of promotion of Miss B. L. Hussey, TFNS, informed her that this lady joined the BEF on 12.3.16 and was shown on the nominal roll as Sister. On making enquiries it was ascertained that she mobilised as Acting Sister on 27.10.14 and was promoted to rank of Sister 1.8.15.

Sick Sisters 204
Indemnification claim: Forwarded to Command Paymaster for remarks claim for kit lost between Charing Cross and Boulogne by Probationer S. Oakley, SAMNS.
No.14 General Hospital: Returned to DDMS Boulogne correspondence referring to General Service VADs for 14 General Hospital. Had visited the unit and had learnt that 2 Villas had been taken for the accommodation of General Service VADs to release a certain number of men at the Chateau Mauricien. Perhaps it would be desirable to ascertain whether further accommodation could be obtained so that General Service VADs could also be supplied to the Sisters’ quarters, 14 General Hospital.
Portuguese General Hospital: Returned to DDMS Boulogne correspondence with regard to General Service VADs for the Portuguese Hospital, where they now have 2 French servants and 2 Portuguese batmen. Had visited the unit yesterday and told the Matron it was not considered advisable to entertain the question of General Service VADs being appointed to this Unit. The best local arrangements possible should be made.
Anaesthetists: Forwarded to DGMS list of Anaesthetists who had now completed 3 months’ course of training in the administration of anaesthetics and are considered competent to administer them. It is proposed to attach one of these ladies for duty at a CCS as anaesthetist wherever specially needed, with definite understanding that when not actually engaged in administering anaesthetics, they will be detailed for duty in the operating theatre or wards. The remainder will be posted in similar manner to hospitals on the L of C If approval given, asked if the DMSs of the Armies might be approached with a view to ascertaining the units where it would be most desirable to post them. Total number – 31. Attached reports. Similar reports will be furnished as soon as the 32 now completing their training on the L of C have finished their course.
4 New Reinforcements, TFNS interviewed with a view to detailing them for duty with the Portuguese Hospital. 2 of these ladies were sent there and 2 were detailed elsewhere.

Sick Sisters 204
Miss C. Mackay QAIMNS: Received copy of War Office wire from DGMS asking if the return to France of Sister C. Mackay QAIMNS is recommended, or whether she shall be retained on the Home Establishment and a relief sent. Replied asking that she should be retained and a relief sent. Miss Mackay had gone on sick leave to England.
American nursing staff: Reported to DGMS the arrival of Miss Mary McAbee on the 30th April as secretary to the Matron, 9 General Hospital. This lady is described as a searcher for the American Red Cross.
Victoria League Club: Wrote to Lady Algernon Gordon Lennox asking if particulars of the Victoria League Club for nurses from Overseas at Edinburgh might be posted up in the Nurses’ Clubs in France.
Mrs. Moynihan’s pay: Returned to Command Paymaster all correspondence in connection with Mrs. Moynihan, QAIMNSR who is now asking if her rate of pension as a Military Families’ nurse would be affected if she elected to be paid at QAIMNSR rates.

Sick Sisters 202
Efficiency Stripe: Received copy of War Office letter approving the award of a Red Efficiency Stripe to Miss G. Stranack, VAD who up to the present, although serving in a military hospital had not been paid from Army funds. This lady has now signed an agreement to serve during the present emergency.
Anaesthetists: Received application from A/Sister B. Harkness, QAIMNSR to withdraw her name from the list of Sisters who have volunteered for the anaesthetists’ course as she does not feel she has sufficient confidence to undertake the work.
Red Cross supplies: Sent circular to all Bases and Ambulance Trains with reference to Red Cross Supplies. It is considered advisable that all Matrons should adopt a uniform procedure with regard to the amount of Red Cross supplies received and their disposal, for which she should be responsible to the OC.
Assistant Nurses: Replied to OC Liverpool Merchants’ Hospital, in answer to his enquiry for information with regard to the award of the “AN” medal to VADs, informing him the ACI in connection with this award applies to VAD members only serving in hospitals staffed by QAIMNS and TFNS and paid by Government funds.
Royal Club for Ladies from beyond the seas: Sent Lady Algernon Gordon Lennox particulars of the Royal Club for Ladies from Beyond the Seas, Norfolk House, London, requesting that these might be posted up in the Clubs in France.

Sick Sisters 200
Anaesthetists: Received application from 8 Stationary Hospital that the name of Sister Anderson, TFNS might be withdrawn from the list of those undergoing a course of training in the use of anaesthetics, and that a substitute might be found for A/Sister Gilbert, QAIMNSR, who is on duty in the femur wards.
CAMC reinforcements: Received memo from DGMS with regard to Canadian reinforcements – the 3 Sisters now on 15 Ambulance Train should be withdrawn if their services are required, and replaced by Imperial Sisters. The replacing of CAMC Sisters training as anaesthetists is being taken up and a further communication will be forwarded in due course.
Miss M. Clark’s box: Forwarded to DDMS Etaples correspondence re box addressed to Miss M. Clark, c/o Matron, 7 General Hospital, said to contain a fur coat, delivered at 7 General Hospital, St. Omer, returned not known, then forwarded to 56 CCS and signed for. Miss M. Clark, Canadian Red Cross visitor at 7 Canadian General Hospital, is now claiming it. The MFO asks that a statement as to contents may be furnished by Miss M. Clark, late 56 CCS, with a view to further light being thrown on the matter. Miss M. Clark, QAIMNSR 20 General Hospital, has now been asked to report.
Hotel de Nord Home: Received authority from AQMG for the Canadian Red Cross Hostel, Hotel du Nord, to draw 3 tons of coal and 1 ton of coke, provided supplies admit of this.

Sick Sisters 190
Reinforcements: Received copy of War Office letter showing the reinforcements sent to France during the month of April – total 125 reinforcements and 12 trained and 8 VADs from sick leave.
Anaesthetists: DGMS approved draft submitted in respect of postings of Nursing Sisters now considered qualified to administer anaesthetics, as far as Imperial Sisters are concerned. Further orders are to be issued at a later date with regard to Overseas Nursing Sisters. Application received from A/Sister E. Silkstone, QAIMNSR to withdraw her name from list of volunteers as anaesthetists, as she prefers nursing duties.
Sister Solling, QAIMNSR Australia: In answer to enquiry from War Office informed DGMS that Miss Solling, while at the Australian Hospital, Harefield Park, was paid the salary and allowances of the AANS and was accommodated in the Sisters’ quarters.
American YMCA Hostels: Principal Matron, Canadians, wrote to Miss Mackintosh, Secretary to American YMCA Hostels in Paris, thanking her for her kind suggestion of opening a Club for Canadian Sisters in Paris. At present this is not considered necessary as HRH Princess Victoria’s Club and the existing American Club in Paris meet all needs.

Sick Sisters 211
CAMC marriages: Received memo from DGMS saying it is presumed that OC 8 Canadian General Hospital has been advised of the conditions under which Nursing Sisters of the CAMC may resign their commission in order to be married.
Military Medal: Received memo from DGMS notifying that the Military Medal has been awarded to Nurse Macdonald, ANCUSA 1 General Hospital, and to Nurse Eva Parmalee, ANCUSA 13 General Hospital. Arrangements for presentation of the decorations will be made later.
No.1 General Hospital, USA: Forwarded to DGMS application for 3 civilian stenographers for duty with No.1 General Hospital. Miss Beckie Robson has applied for such a position. Efforts will be made through the American Red Cross to fill the remaining vacancies.

Sick Sisters 204
Resignations: Forwarded to DGMS applications to resign from A/Sister E. E. Swannell, QAIMNSR owing to a death in the family, and from S/Nurse K. Heriot, QAIMNSR Australia, owing to approaching marriage. Returned to DDMS Rouen application to resign from Sister Proctor, QAIMNSR who gave as her reason that she was weary and could not work another winter in this severe climate, with minute to the effect that this lady had completed 3 years’ service and her reports had always been satisfactory and that she should be offered a transfer to Marseilles for duty.
No.8 BRCS Hospital: Returned to DGMS correspondence in connection with 2 additional Sisters being posted to No.8 BRCS Hospital, saying that there is no objection to this temporary addition to the staff in this office.
Leave to Canada: Forwarded to DGMS for consideration application for 2 months’ leave to Canada in order to transact some necessary business from A/Sister Lonsdale, QAIMNSR. This lady has recently completed a course of training in the administration of anaesthetics.

Sick Sisters 208
American staff: Reported to DGMS and to Chief Nurse, AEF, that Miss M. Carrie Hall, Matron, 13 General Hospital, had proceeded to the United Kingdom on 13.5.18 for permanent duty as Chief Nurse, American Red Cross in London, and had been temporarily relieved by Head Nurse R. S. Butler.
SAMNS contracts: Forwarded to DGMS signed agreement forms, next of kin forms and certificates as to date of joining Army Service from trained members of the SAMNS serving in France. These ladies arrived with the original staff of the South African General Hospital on 4.8.16, and it was not known until recently that they had signed no agreement before embarking.

VAD uniform: Received copy of War Office letter approving the proposal made by the Joint VAD Committee to substitute ‘TFA’ for ‘T’ on the shoulders of members of the VADs raised by the Territorial Force Association.
Servants: Forwarded to AQMG application received from ADMS Abbeville for authority to employ 2 French women servants to be paid at the rate of 2 francs a day. This unit (No.2 Stationary Hospital) has 1260 beds and 94 nursing staff and according to the War Establishment should be entitled to 10 batmen for the Sisters’ quarters. At present 2 only re employed on this duty.
Sir Arthur Stanley’s letter: Returned to DMS, L of C extract of letter from Sir Arthur Stanley, Commissioner, BRCS, on the treatment of VADs in France, with my remarks. This letter had been forwarded by the War Office to DGMS and bore on the question of leave, recreation, work, quarters, food and dancing. From this letter it would seem that the object for which we are out here has been lost sight of, and that the suggestions are made to assist a department only just coming into being, instead of being addressed to an organisation of which all branches are composed of a large number of people who have spent the greater part of their lives in the work, the result of which is evident.
Dietitians: Received correspondence with reference to dietitians whom it is proposed to appoint to hospitals on the L of C. DGMS asked if I agreed to a certain number of nursing staff being employed in this way. Replied that it should be quite easy to arrange this as I believed that in most training schools a course of sick room cookery and the value of food stuffs is included in the course and a certificate given. It would of course mean an increase in the establishment.

Sick Sisters 199
Forwarded and recommended to DGMS application from Miss M. de Burgh Daly, VAD to be allowed to transfer to Italy for duty, as her home is in Italy.
CAMC marriages: Forwarded to ADMS Paris correspondence concerning the resignation of CAMC Sisters for marriage. The French authorities have no objection to such marriages taking place.
AANS anaesthetists: Asked DGMS if the question may be submitted to DMS, AIF as to whether AANS anaesthetists may be employed in British units and if reliefs will be supplied. All Australian units are well supplied with anaesthetists and will not require their services.
Anaesthetists: Informed DGMS that instructions have been issued for all Overseas anaesthetists who have completed their training to rejoin their own units pending further orders. Sister M. Aitken and S/Nurses McMinn and Tranter, AANS, have now been reported competent to administer anaesthetics.
Servants: Asked AQMG if authority may be obtained for the employment of 2 French female servants at the rate of 2 francs per day at 10 Canadian Stationary Hospital – establishment of nursing staff = 27: present staff = 36.
Miss N. Westropp-Dawson: Informed DDMS Boulogne that the application of Miss N. Westropp-Dawson to be employed at the Wimereux Rest Club had been referred to the Permit Office, GHQ, who replied that as HRH Princess Victoria’s Clubs are staffed by VADs and Miss Westropp-Dawson is not a member, her application cannot be considered.
Miss M. Clark’s box: Forwarded to Sister i/c, 56 CCS, correspondence concerning loss of box containing fur coat belonging to Miss M. Clark, 7 Canadian General Hospital, asking if she can throw any light on the matter.
Hardelot Convalescent Home: Informed by DMS, L of C that Hardelot Convalescent Home is now ready to take in patients.
French servants: Put up to AQMG the question of French female servants for Sisters’ quarters. There is great difficulty in getting suitable batmen and General Service VADs are only employed in a certain number of units. There is no provision made for female servants in War Establishment and they are being paid from mess funds. Asked if general authority might be obtained for the employment of French servants on a certain scale. A limited number of men would have to be retained for heavy work.

Sick Sisters 206
Leave: Notified all A/Principal Matrons that applications for leave for members of the nursing staff may now be submitted for consideration.
No.1 Canadian General Hospital: Received memo from DGMS concerning increase of nursing staff for No.1 Canadian General Hospital. The number of beds in the Officers’ Division and the fractured femur wards have considerably increased.
Sick List: Miss B. L. Moore, VAD 26 General Hospital admitted to 46 Stationary Hospital with cerebro-spinal meningitis and put on dangerously ill list. Informed DGMS and the War Office.
Transfer to India: Received copy of War Office letter regretting that the transfer to India of Miss E. Rind, VAD cannot be arranged. In view of this, her resignation can be accepted forthwith.
Rest Station, Abbeville: Received memo from ADMS Abbeville stating that owing to air-raids the ladies now working at the Red Cross Hut Triage, should not sleep there, and arrangements have been made for them to be accommodated at the Nurses’ Home.
Portuguese Hospital: Received information from A/Principal Matron, Boulogne, that a Portuguese Red Cross lady is writing letters for the men in the wards of the Portuguese Hospital, and also interpreting for them. They find her a great help in this way. This lady lives at their own Red Cross Hospital.
VAD agreements: Sent memo to DGMS with regard to VAD reinforcements who recently arrived in France. Some of these ladies state that before embarkation they signed a renewal of contract binding them to serve for 6 months from the date of embarkation – this renewal to cancel any unexpired portion of their present contract. Asked if this was in order. Up to the present renewal of contracts for VAD members and Special Probationers have been considered due 7 or 13 months from the date of joining Army Service, etc.
No.8 Stationary Hospital: Replied to the request forwarded by DDMS Boulogne for more staff for No.8 Stationary Hospital, saying that the authorised establishment of this unit was 54 trained and 39 VAD members. Reinforcements will be sent as soon as possible.

Sick Sisters 202
Reinforcements: Sent memo to DGMS asking that the shortage of trained nurses may be considered as an urgent matter. At present we are short of 347 trained from authorised establishment and in addition 100 more are needed to meet demands. Unless sent, it is not possible to arrange leave for those really needing it.
No.8 BRCS Hospital: Received approval from DGMS for the temporary posting of 2 additional Sisters to No.8 BRCS Hospital.
Reinforcements: Received from DGMS copy of Dehorted wire – 34 trained nurses are leaving on the 25th and 71 on the 28th.
Application for QAIMNSR: Received through ADMS Marseilles application from Sister G. Greenway, Scottish Women’s Hospital, Corsica, to be employed by the British Armies in France. Saying that this lady cannot be engaged in France direct as all appointments are made by the War Office. If not a trained nurse, she should apply to Devonshire House, and if trained, to the Matron-in-Chief, QAIMNS, War Office.
Sick List: Sent wire to Matron-in-Chief, War Office, informing her that Miss U. S. M. Rogers, VAD was on the dangerously ill list with double pneumonia. Her relatives have been informed.

Sick Sisters 206
Application for QAIMNSR: Forwarded to Matron-in-Chief, QAIMNS application to join the QAIMNSR from Miss L. B. Crichton, American Red Cross Hospital, Neuilly-sur-Seine.

Sick Sisters 207
Etaples bombed: Received telephone message from A/Principal Matron, Etaples, saying that the Etaples hospitals had been severely bombed during the night. One Sister (Nursing Sister K. Macdonald, CAMC) had been killed and 7 wounded at No.1 Canadian General Hospital, also many patients and personnel. At No.7 Canadian General Hospital there were no casualties among the nursing staff but 3 MOs were wounded and some patients killed. The Nurses’ Club was wrecked but the two BRCS workers were not hurt. At No.26 General Hospital there were 2 minor casualties among the nursing staff – Miss Marshall, VAD slightly wounded on the head and admitted to hospital, and Miss Draper, VAD slightly wounded in the wrist. One patient only was killed in this unit. Part of the Sisters’ quarters were wrecked and one or two of the rooms nearest the railway siding are unfit for use. There were no casualties among the nursing staff at No.24 General Hospital. This unit took in a large number of casualties from the Infantry Base Depot and the Household Cavalry Camp. At No.46 Stationary Hospital one VAD, Miss W. A. Brampton, was somewhat shell-shocked. A number of patients were killed and wounded. At No.56 General Hospital there were no casualties among the nursing staff but some amongst patients and personnel. Nos. 35, 37, 4 and 2 Ambulance Trains were in the siding at the time and were damaged, the only casualty amongst nursing staff being S/Nurse M. de H. Smith, slightly wounded above the eye. The Matron-in-Chief, CEF, the Matron-in-Chief, QAIMNS War Office, and DGMS were informed of all casualties.
Assistant Nurses: Sent memo to DGMS with regard to Assistant Nurses attached to the QAIMNSR asking (1) are these ladies to come under the category of trained nurses or VADs (2) under what contracts are they serving (3) what pay and allowances they draw, and (4) what uniform they wear.
Transfer: Received copy of War Office letter notifying that Miss K. Y. Kennedy, VAD Marseilles Stationary Hospital, has been transferred to the Home Establishment. This lady had been given special leave owing to the death in action of her third brother.
Anaesthetists: Received memo from DGMS saying that the question of the employment of AANS Sisters as anaesthetists in British units has been taken up with the DMS, AIF and a reply will be given in due course.
Trouville Rest Club: Received wire from the Lady Algernon Gordon Lennox, asking if accommodation could be provided in the camp at Trouville for 2 VAD workers who are going to open the new Princess Victoria’s Rest Club.
The condition of Lord Bertie, late British Ambassador, is about the same.
Luggage damaged wilfully: Forwarded to ADMS Dieppe, correspondence in connection with the wilful damage done to Sisters’ baggage – presumed that in those cases which appear to be of ordinary theft, the matter will have been reported to the Assistant Provost Marshal.

Sick Sisters 205
TFNS promotions: In reply to War Office letter received, forwarded to DGMS copy of correspondence between this office and the Matron-in-Chief, TFNS on the subject of the promotion of Miss M. Hook and Miss B. L. Hussey, TFNS Since 1915, no promotions to temporary rank of Sisters have been made from this Command and all promotions made previous to that date have been referred to the War Office for sanction to permanent rank.
Anaesthetists: Returned to DDMS Boulogne particulars of 3 ladies training as anaesthetists at No.13 General Hospital, saying that no mention is made as to whether these ladies have had experience in the administration of chloroform.
Reinforcements: Received memo from DGMS asking if we still wished for an application for trained nurses to be made, in view of the fact that 105 trained nurses are being despatched to France. Replied yes.
General Service VADs: Received copy of authority from DGMS to Commissioner, BRCS, approving the proposal made to exchange certain General Service members originally engaged for service in Salonika with members at present in England. A certain number of members who were engaged for Salonika and who had spent a good deal on outfit, were drafted to France at the beginning of the year.
Resignation: Received application to resign from Miss Renny-Tailour, VAD as she wishes for more responsible work. This lady is in charge of a ward of 25 beds. Returned correspondence asking that this lady should state what she considers more responsible work.
Masseuses: Received application from DDMS Rouen asking for 3 more trained masseuses. Miss M. McCarthy, VAD posted for this duty. No more trained masseuses are available for the present, but a demand for reinforcements of APMMC masseuses is being made.
Forwarded to DGMS urgent request for 6 more APMMC masseuses to meet the most pressing needs.
Uniform: Wrote to Messrs. Shoolbred’s complaining about the condition in which the uniform was arriving, especially the Sisters’ summer hats, which were constantly arriving crushed.
Miss G. M. Green, VAD: Received application from Miss G. M. B. Green, VAD stating that she wished to resign if she could not get leave, as she did not think there was any chance of getting leave in August. Her last leave was in October, 1917. Arranged that she should have 7 days’ leave at Hardelot and that she should submit her application for leave in August.
Servants: Returned to ADMS Dieppe correspondence in connection with the employment of French servants in the Sisters’ quarters at 3 General Hospital, saying that it is not considered that this is necessary as they have General Service members in the quarters.
Miss Howe, QAIMNS came to the office on her way from 7 General Hospital, St. Omer, to Treport where she is taking up the duties of A/Matron of 47 General Hospital.
Miss Pigg, VAD came for an interview, as she had sent in her resignation from Trouville, her reason being that she was not happy there and had been separated from her friends. After talking the matter over, she decided to sign on again.

Sick Sisters 209
Air-raids: Very bad air-raid over Abbeville lasting from 10.30 to 3 a.m. Considerable damage was done near the station and WAAC camp No.1 completely destroyed, but there were no casualties amongst the WAAC. Bombs also dropped on the Army laundry and 12 German prisoners were wounded.
Sisters’ quarters: Memo to AQMG on the question of providing suitable servants for the Sisters’ quarters of hospitals – in the great majority of units no General Service members are employed and French servants have been engaged and paid from mess funds. No provision is made for servants in establishment and no servants’ allowance is authorised. It is very desirable that general authority may be given for the employment of French servants on a certain scale and at a certain rate. A limited number of batmen would have to be retained for the heavy work. Suggested that for a hospital of 1040 beds with a nursing staff of 73 – 2 batmen and 6 French servants should be employed, and for 2500 beds with a staff of 125, 3 batmen and 7 French servants.
Leave: Sent circular to all Bases and Armies notifying that approved leave should not be cancelled except for very urgent reasons, which should be notified by telephone without delay in order that the vacancy may be filled.
Casualties: Informed Matron-in-Chief, CEF and Matron-in-Chief, War Office, by wire that Nursing Sister G. M. Wake, CAMC died of wounds on the afternoon of 21.5.18.
Ambulance Trains: Sent memo to all A/Principal Matrons saying it is noted that in their reports little mention is made of Ambulance Trains, but it is presumed that they are regularly visited.
Anaesthetists: Forwarded to DGMS list of Nursing Sisters who are competent to administer anaesthetics, having completed their three months’ course of training.
Votes: Received telephone message from the DAP & SS saying he was forwarding an Army Council Instruction with reference to the People’s Representation Act, according the vote to women over 30 years of age, under specified conditions.
Miss Thurston, Matron-in-Chief, NZEF arrived at Boulogne and proceeded later to visit the New Zealand Stationary Hospital.

Sick Sisters 201
Air-raids: Received telephone message from A/Principal Matron, St. Omer, saying that 3 bombs had been dropped on 10 Stationary Hospital during the night, and that 2 Medical Officers had been killed, 4 wards completely destroyed, 17 patients killed, but fortunately there were no casualties amongst the nursing staff. The Sick Sisters’ Hospital had had a narrow escape.
Trouville Rest Club: Forwarded memo to DGMS asking if the establishment of Princess Victoria’s Rest Club for Nurses at Trouville had been approved.
BRCS establishment: Received from DGMS for our remarks request from Commissioner, BRCS for an increase of 5 to the Headquarters Reserve of VAD members – the maximum reserve is at present 25 but owing to the constant increase in the number of units where VAD members are employed, this is not sufficient.
Contract for the present emergency: DGMS forwarded copy of ACI 522 of 1918 relating to resignations of members of the QAIMNSR who have signed AFW 3538. Such resignations will not be permitted except in very exceptional cases. New agreement forms are being prepared accordingly. Willingness to refund the extra pay drawn is not in itself sufficient justification for resigning.
Trouville Rest Club: Base Commandant, Trouville, wired asking for authority for drawing coal, bread and flour on repayment, for the Trouville Rest Club for Nurses which is about to be opened. Answered that there is no general authority and that each separate request must be put forward officially, for sanction to be obtained.

Sick Sisters 211
Miss Chapple, VAD: DGMS forwarded wire from War Office saying that Major Chapple wishes his daughter to be evacuated to England to the Sick Sisters’ Hospital, Vincent Square. As this lady had been discharged from hospital, she has been granted 7 days’ leave pending acceptance of her resignation.
9th Corps: Received from DGMS request for the provision of nursing personnel for Nos. 37 and 48 CCS, 9th Corps.
Reinforcements: Received copy of War Office letter stating that 105 trained nurses and 90 VADs will be sent within the next 14 days and it is advisable that 100 senior VAD members and Special Probationers who are in possession of the scarlet efficiency stripe and otherwise qualified should be at once promoted to the rank of Assistant Nurse. Their places are being filled by a similar number of junior VAD members. The names selected for promotion should be forwarded to DGMS on forms provided. A number of trained nurses to complete 144 will be sent as soon as they become available.
No.24 Ambulance Train: No.24 Ambulance Train was waiting at Doullens to load up when a bomb dropped near, wounding the CO and the Sister i/c, Miss Leedam, CHR. The latter was wounded below the knee, not seriously. She has been admitted to Sick Sisters’ unit, 8 General Hospital.

Sick Sisters 201
Servants’ allowance for Principal Matrons: Received from DGMS draft of proposed letter to be forwarded to the Secretary, War Office, on the subject of sanction being obtained for payment of servants’ allowance to the Principal Matron, Boulogne. It is also recommended that a similar expenditure may be sanctioned at other bases where there is not accommodation in the hospital for the Principal Matron.
Miss M. Heddon, VAD: Received copy of War Office letter permitting Miss Heddon, VAD to complete her year’s service in France terminating 19.6.18 and cancelling her resignation. This lady had applied for permission to finish her year’s service before resigning.
Weekly report on work of N/Sisters: Forwarded to DGMS weekly report on the work of the Nursing Service, particularly in the front area and on trains and barges. This report had been asked for by DGMS so that he could add some notes on the work of the nursing services to the weekly report which he forwards to the War Office.
Convalescent Homes: In answer to the enquiry of the DMS, L of C as to whether members of the nursing service received pay and allowances while at Convalescent Homes in the South of France, informed him that these Homes are only open in the winter months – (1) Hotel d’Esterel, Cannes, is financed by the BRCS (Lady Superintendent: Lady Gifford); (2) Villa Roquebrune, Mentone, where the Sisters are received as guests of Captain and Mrs. Warre. In neither of these Homes are any charges made against the patients or public – all members draw field and washing allowance, but not board.
Reinforcements: 31 members of the QAIMNSR and 15 AANS for Australian units arrived for duty in France.
Teams and anaesthetists for Italy: Some teams are proceeding to Italy for duty and we were asked to supply anaesthetists and Theatre Sisters. Issued instructions for 4 anaesthetists who have lately completed their course and 4 Theatre Sisters to proceed to Marseilles in readiness.

Sick Sisters 190
APMMC: Received notification from DGMS that a request has been made to the War Office for a further 6 trained masseuses of the APMMC to be sent to France.
Reinforcements: Received copy of War Office letter authorising the embarkation on 25.5.18 of 34 trained nurses(QAIMNSR) as reinforcements for France.

Sick Sisters 188
Assistant Nurses: Forwarded to DGMS copy of circular sent to all Bases with reference to ACI 214 of 1918 referring to the promotion of VAD members to the rank of Assistant Nurse.
Miss E. Gardner, VAD: Received wire from DGMS asking if Miss E. Gardner, VAD 22 General Hospital, was wounded. Replied that this lady had not been wounded and was quite well.
Miss Willetts, QAIMNS: Received copy of War Office letter returning the confidential report forwarded on Miss I. G. Willetts, Matron, QAIMNS, asking that this report should be communicated to her and also that a further report should be submitted on her state of health. Forwarded to DDMS Rouen for action.
Servants: Received authority from AQMG for the employment of 2 female servants from 29.1.18 for the Sisters’ quarters, No.10 Canadian Stationary Hospital, provided the Commissaire approves of the rate of wages quoted, viz. 2 francs a day per head.
No.8 General Hospital: Received memo from DDMS Rouen recommending an increase in the nursing staff of No.8 General Hospital by 10 trained nurses and 10 VAD members, owing to the additional beds for officers, also the number of fractured femurs now nursed at this unit.
Marriage: Forwarded to DGMS for favour and consideration application from Miss S. Johnston, VAD to be permitted to marry in July in Ireland whilst on leave – her fiancé is in the YMCA in France.
Italy: Asked Principal Matron, Italy, to furnish to Base Paymaster, AIF revised nominal rolls of members of the AANS at present serving in Italy, showing the units to which they are attached. A request for this information had been received in this office.
Transfer: Forwarded to DGMS application received from S/Nurse R. M. Watling, TFNS 55 General Hospital, to be transferred to a warmer climate for the winter months – born in the Malay States and has always lived in India.
Servants: Received authority from AQMG for the employment of 2 female servants for the Sisters’ quarters, No.2 Stationary Hospital, provided the Commissaire approved of the rate of wages, viz. 2 francs per day.

Sick Sisters 178
Air-raids: Last night there was a severe air-raid at Abbeville. One bomb fell on No.2 Stationary Hospital, killing a patient and wounding 6 others.
Anaesthetists: Received correspondence from DGMS relating to the employment of members of the AANS as anaesthetists in British units. The DMS, AIF, after careful consideration does not consider it desirable that these ladies should undertake the administration of anaesthetics. Those who have completed their course of training are therefore not available as anaesthetists and members of the AANS should not be included in any future course of instruction. Also received instructions from DGMS that Nursing Sisters CAMC who have been trained in the administration of anaesthetics, should be employed for that purpose in Canadian hospitals overseas to release Medical Officers for other duties. It is considered that the establishment of Canadian hospitals in France is sufficiently large in Nursing Sisters to allow of these ladies being carried on the ordinary establishment and no increase of nursing staff will therefore be necessary. The training of a further 12 CAMC Sisters is concurred in.
Reinforcements: Received copy of War Office letter notifying that 25 Sisters, 46 Staff Nurses, 43 VAD nursing members, 4 Australian nurses and 3 Special Probationers have been instructed to proceed to France on the 28th inst.
Sisters’ kit: Sent memo to DMS 3rd Army in answer to his enquiry as to whether Sisters have instructions as to what kit they may carry – 1 trunk, 1 holdall, and 1 kitbag are authorised. Attached a list of Active Service Equipment for nurses. Returned the indemnification claim by Sister M. H. Lindsay, QAIMNSR which he had forwarded, saying that this lady’s luggage arrived in Abbeville and was forwarded to Treport by AMFO. Similar instances of luggage of Sisters from CCSs having been rifled and the contents removed have been reported to this office. Sent memo to Paymaster in Chief asking if there is no definite procedure to be adopted with regard to submitting indemnification claims for Sisters’ lost luggage.
Havre Club: Forwarded to Lady Algernon Gordon Lennox copy of the AGs authority for the opening of the Havre Club for Nurses, one of HRH Princess Victoria’s Rest Clubs.
AANS anaesthetists: Forwarded to DGMS correspondence on the subject of members of the AANS undergoing training in the administration of anaesthetics. The DMS, AIF visited HQ, L of C on 15.5.18 and said I might make use of members already trained for this duty and that he had plenty of medical officers available for anaesthetics in his own formations.
Miss B. Robson: Received wire from DGMS saying that Miss B. Robson is proceeding to France for duty as stenographer at No.1 General Hospital and asking that she should be met.
Casualties: Received telephone message from A/Principal Matron, Etaples, saying that Nursing Sister Lowe, CAMC, who had been wounded on the 19th during the air-raid had died at 10 a.m. yesterday. Reported this to Matron-in-Chief, War Office, Matron-in-Chief, Canadians and DGMS.
Miss Thurston, Matron-in-Chief, NZEF came to Abbeville on her return journey and after having seen the DGMS had lunch with me and proceeded by car to GHQ with Miss Wilton Smith, QAIMNS. There they had tea with the DGMS and afterwards proceeded to Boulogne where she stayed the night at Mrs. Robertson Eustace’s Club. The next morning they inspected the Hotel du Nord Hostel for Sisters and Miss Thurston subsequently left by the 12 o’clock boat for England. Miss Wilton Smith had lunch at Hardelot and inspected the new Convalescent Home there, returning to Abbeville at 7 o’clock.

Sick Sisters 188
Air-raids: Two air-raid warnings at Abbeville. No bombs dropped on the town. 15 bombs were dropped at Rouen near the railway station, this being the first time the area had been bombed. Frevent is being shelled by a long range gun, but so far there have been no casualties in the hospital
Resignations: Forwarded and recommended to DGMS application to resign from A/Sister A. Barns, QAIMNSR who does not feel able to continue her work without a long rest, also from S/Nurse Mrs. Van der Walt, QAIMNSR (SA) whose husband has lately been killed in action and she wishes to go to South Africa to settle her private affairs.
General Service VADs: Received correspondence from the Matron, 3 General Hospital, asking whether she is authorised to supply confidential reports on General Service VADs to the VAD Area Commandant, who had asked for them. Replied that it was not correct to furnish these reports. Instructions regarding reports on General Service VADs are laid down in ACI 1330.
Miss Renny Tailyour, VAD: Forwarded to DGMS correspondence in connection with the resignation of Miss E. Renny Tailyour, VAD. This lady who had charge of a ward of 25 beds, is anxious to do more responsible work and wishes to take up other work than nursing. Her contract ends 18.6.18.
Chevrons: Sent circular with instructions as to chevrons for members of the nursing staff – may be obtained from Messrs. Shoolbred’s on grey cloth, or may be embroidered on, if preferred.
Servants: Returned to ADMS Dieppe all correspondence in connection with the employment of French labour at No.3 General Hospital, saying that this employment must be discontinued, as the services of 4 General Service VADs as house-maids should prove sufficient for all requirements in the Sisters’ Quarters.
Sir Arthur Sloggett: Sir Arthur Sloggett, DGMS, rang up to say goodbye as he was proceeding to England on Friday on his retirement from Active Service. He also sent a letter in which he thanked all members of the Nursing Service for their devoted work and expressed his great admiration for the good work they had done since August, 1914.

Sick Sisters 169
Air-raids: Very severe air-raids over Abbeville – a bomb dropped on one of the WAAC Camps – 9 Members of the Corps were killed and 9 wounded, one of the latter died on admission to Hospital. At No.3 Canadian Stationary Hospital, Doullens, a bomb fell right on the main building; 3 Sisters and 2 Medical officers were killed, also 10 Officer patients, and many other patients and personnel. Reported to Matron-in-Chief, War Office, and to Matron-in-Chief CEF the casualties among the Nursing Staff: Nursing Sisters D. Baldwin, E. L. Pringle and A. McPherson, CAMC killed, and N/Sister M. Hodge CAMC severely wounded.
Marriage: Received copy of War Office letter granting permission to be married to S/Nurse J. Stewart, QAIMNSR. Her retention in the Service cannot be recommended until it is known where her fiancé is serving. Reported to DGMS that the name of her fiancé is Cadet A. W. Long, O.T.C. – his location Ayrshire.
No.11 Stationary Hospital, Scottish Section: Forwarded to Matron-in-Chief, War Office, copy of correspondence with reference to the disagreement amongst the Nursing Staff of the Scottish Section, No.11 Stationary Hospital, as a letter had been received from the Matron-in-Chief, asking for further particulars.
Servants’ allowance: Returned to DGMS draft letter which it is proposed to send to the War Office with regard to Servants’ Allowance for the Matron-in-Chief, BEF and Principal Matrons not attached to units. This letter meets the case as far as this office is concerned.
Indemnification claim: Forwarded to Command Paymaster indemnification claim by Miss A. Day, VAD for lost luggage. The original claim was put in in November, 1917, but was lost.
Miss Robson: Received wire from DGMS notifying that the departure of Miss Robson has been postponed. Informed DGMS Havre, as this lady is for duty as stenographer with No.1 General Hospital.
Miss Earle, VAD, came to the officer for an interview. She is resigning as her mother needs her at home, but her report did not recommend her for further service, stating that she was not considered fit for nursing duties. She disputed this and it was pointed out that she might be more suitable for other work than nursing.

Sick Sisters 171
Funeral of WAAC: The 9 WAAC who were killed in the recent bombardment were buried at 2.30 p.m. I attended the funeral with 3 members of my staff and the hospitals in the area were also represented by a number of Nursing Sisters.
Bicycling: Sent memo to DDMS Trouville informing him that there is no objection to nurses bicycling in the Trouville area, provided all understand that bicycles do not form part of the active service equipment of a Nursing Sister and cannot be taken to front areas.
Havre to Trouville: Sent memo to DDMS Havre saying that the DMS, L of C has no objection to members of the nursing staff in the Havre area spending their days off at Trouville if they are desirous of doing so, provided the A/Principal Matron, to whom all applications should be made, approves. They should go in parties, as it is not desirable for one member to go alone, and time of departure and return should be specified when permission is granted.
No.3 Canadian Stationary Hospital: Forwarded to Matron-in-Chief, CEF, report on No.3 Canadian Stationary Hospital, which the Principal Matron, Canadians, had visited after the recent air-raids, with me, and also a report by her on No.3 Canadian CCS which she had also visited.
Insignes de Bronze: Acknowledged to Matron, 6 Canadian General Hospital, receipt of 6 Insignes de Bronze which had been awarded to the following Nursing Sisters by the French Ministry of War:- Nursing Sisters E. Bradshaw, F. W. Brown, J. Galbraith, M. McDougald, E. M. Clark and E. Gallagher.
American staff: Returned to DDMS Rouen application received for Miss M. W. McAbee, American Red Cross attached No.9 General Hospital to be permitted to draw mess allowance, with a minute to the effect that this matter should be dealt with by him.
Lost luggage: Wrote to Matron-in-Chief, War Office, on the subject of indemnification claims for lost luggage of Sisters. ACI 482 of 1917 makes provision for loss of personal effects for officers but there is no ruling with regard to Nursing Sisters. Suggested that a list of personal effects for which a Sister may submit a claim should be drawn up and authorised.
Air-Raids: There were air-raids at Abbeville, Etaples and Boulogne during the night. At Etaples a YMCA worker was killed and another wounded. At Abbeville the Place Amiral Courbet was wrecked by a bomb which fell in front of the statue of the Admiral, and blew off the heads of the principal figures. There were no casualties in the hospitals.


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